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Buttigieg Responds to Criticism from Speaker Johnson on Job Performance in Transportation Department

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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg clashed with House Speaker Mike Johnson, criticizing him for his assessment of Buttigieg’s performance in the Transportation Department.

Johnson had voiced his dissatisfaction while discussing the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill during a visit to a project in Sarasota, Fla., which had received funding from the bipartisan infrastructure law.

Expressing his disagreement with Johnson’s comments, Buttigieg highlighted the fact that the Speaker had voted against the infrastructure law. Via the platform formerly known as Twitter, Buttigieg stated, “Spoken while touring an airport project that we selected… for funding from President Biden’s infrastructure bill… that Speaker Johnson voted against. And after voting, twice this year alone, to slash air traffic control budgets. This is, to put it charitably, unserious.”

During his tour of the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, which secured $100 million in funding from the infrastructure law for an expansion project, Johnson faced criticism from Florida Rep. Kathy Castor (D) for his decision to visit a project he had opposed through his vote. Castor labeled Johnson’s actions as “awkward” and “shameful.”

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Impact on the Electability Argument
Credit: DepositPhotos

Regarding investments in their states that Republicans have celebrated despite voting against the relevant legislation, both Democratic lawmakers and top Biden administration officials, including President Biden, have not hesitated to call out their Republican counterparts. This includes the funding from bills such as the infrastructure law and the Inflation Reduction Act.

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