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Caitlyn Jenner Calls The Growth Of The Trans Community ‘Disturbing’

Caitlyn Jenner has expressed concern over the increasing number of individuals openly identifying as transgender, referring to it as a “skyrocketing” and “disturbing” phenomenon.

Jenner, a former Olympic gold medalist and Republican candidate for California’s gubernatorial race, has been critical of transgender women participating in women’s sports, aligning herself with conservative commentators.

In April, Jenner launched an initiative called Fairness First, a non-partisan political action committee aimed at protecting women and girls in sports from what she sees as the influence of radical gender ideology.

Fairness First is supported by Oli London, a British influencer who has previously identified as transracial, gender-neutral, and transgender.

Jenner voices concern over trans population explosion

Taking to Twitter, Jenner expressed her concern about the increasing number of people identifying as transgender, agreeing with a statement by conservative YouTuber Blaire White that the trans population is skyrocketing globally.

Jenner suggested that this rise could be due to social contagion and misdiagnosis of gender dysphoria.

She also speculated that indoctrination and an oversaturation of the topic, led by radical leftists, aim to dismantle the family unit and expand government control.

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Jenner’s alignment with the Republican party questioned

When a Twitter user questioned Jenner’s alignment with the Republican Party, claiming that Republicans do not support individuals like her, Jenner defended her position.

She stated that while a few fringe individuals may deny the reality of being transgender within the GOP, the party, along with the MAGA movement, embraces common sense principles such as protecting children, parental rights, and fair sports competition.

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Transgender identity surges among Gen Z

According to a 2022 Gallup survey, the percentage of Gen Zers identifying as transgender is almost double that of millennials.

Gen Z, born between 1997 and 2004, has the highest percentage of individuals (1.9%) identifying as trans among the previous three generations.

Millennials have a 1.0% identification rate, while Generation X and baby boomers have rates of 0.3% and 0.2%, respectively.

The Silent Generation, born between 1928 and 1945, has an identification rate of less than 0.05%.

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Transgender visibility soars through social media

Experts attribute the rise in transgender identification among young people to increased visibility, access to information, and growing acceptance.

Social media platforms, particularly TikTok for Gen Z, have provided spaces for trans influencers and advocates to share their experiences and stories, fostering a sense of community.

Trans rights gesture sparks sales decline and backlash

The issue of trans rights remains contentious in America.

Recently, Bud Light faced backlash and boycott calls after sending a personalized beer can to trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who celebrated a year of living as a woman.

Some conservatives refused to consume the brand, leading to a decline in sales and repercussions for the company’s marketing team.

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‘Social contagion,’ misdiagnosis and indoctrination propel trans surge

In summary, Caitlyn Jenner has expressed concern over the rising number of people identifying as transgender, attributing it to factors such as social contagion, misdiagnosis, indoctrination, and an oversaturation of the topic.

While transgender identification is more prevalent among Gen Z and millennials, the increase reflects greater visibility, access to information, and growing acceptance.

However, the issue of trans rights remains divisive, as demonstrated by recent controversies surrounding companies like Bud Light.

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