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California Homelessness Crisis: Migrants Seek Shelter in San Diego Airport

The San Diego International Airport has become a makeshift home for hundreds of migrants who have nowhere else to go due to the overcrowding of California’s shelters with the state’s homeless population.

Mayor Bill Wells of El Cajon, California, expressed his frustration with state and federal government officials for policies that have burdened his community.

According to Mayor Wells, California’s lenient approach to homelessness has contributed to the lack of available space in shelters, hospitals, and other facilities. The situation has been further exacerbated by the influx of over 42,000 migrants in the San Diego area over the past two-and-a-half months, leading to “street releases” of individuals without any place to stay.

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This has only worsened the already dire homeless crisis that the state has created. Mayor Wells criticized the allocation of funds, pointing out that the county of San Diego spent $3 million on a migrant shelter that is already running out of money after just two months.

He argued that this money could have been better utilized to support the local population in need. The mayor expressed his disappointment with the lack of support from Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Biden administration, accusing them of neglecting the problem and providing only empty promises.

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Photo Credit: DepositPhotos

Despite these challenges, a nonprofit organization called SBCS has been providing transportation from its facility to the airport for migrants with confirmed flights. However, an SBCS spokesperson clarified that migrants are required to show proof of their scheduled departure before being transported.

The situation at the San Diego International Airport serves as a stark reminder of the deepening homelessness crisis in California, where both migrants and local residents struggle to find shelter and support. As the issue continues to escalate, it is crucial for government officials to take immediate action to address this humanitarian crisis.

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