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Californians Say ‘No Way’ to Kids’ Gender Surgery – Shock Poll Reveals!

Listen up, folks! This isn’t Hollywood, this is real-life drama unfolding in sunny California. Who would’ve thought, right? 

The Great Parental Rights Debate

Here’s the skinny: Californians seem to be drawing a line in the sand, and it’s all about kids and gender affirmation surgery. Turns out, according to a thorough Rasmussen Reports survey, the majority of voters in the Golden State don’t exactly agree with “gender affirming surgery” for children. Shocked? Well, brace yourselves, because there’s more.

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What’s Age Got to Do with It?

The survey dropped a bombshell of a question: At what age should children be taught they can choose their gender? The answer? A whopping 38 percent said, “Never!” Meanwhile, 23 percent thought under-18s could handle the concept. This was followed by a scattering of opinions about younger age groups, with the least number of votes going to under-4s. 

Just Say No to Gender Surgery and Hormone Alteration

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When the survey hit the topic of hormone-altering medication for kids, things got real interesting. A clear 43 percent declared a resounding “Never!” And when it comes to irreversible gender affirmation surgery for children, a solid 49 percent echoed the same sentiment. Most California Republicans and a good chunk of the independents agreed. Are you feeling the ground shifting beneath your feet? 

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Parent Power Rules!

Perhaps the most heartening part of this survey? An overwhelming 91 percent of Californians still believe that parents, not the government, bear the major responsibility for raising a child. And boy, do they mean it! A significant 69 percent of respondents agreed that parents should be notified if their child identifies with a gender different from their biological sex. So much for Big Brother, huh?

Who’s Running the Show?

Now here’s a head-turner: 68 percent of Californians oppose the idea of teachers and administrators keeping a child’s gender identity secret from their parents. And a decent 63 percent don’t believe a 12-year-old is mature enough to consent to mental health treatment without parental knowledge. Talk about throwing a wrench in the works!

Parental ‘Abuse’? Not so Fast!

The survey also tackled the big question: Is it ‘abuse’ for parents to reject their child’s request to identify as the opposite sex? More than half the respondents disagreed with that statement. 

The Battle of Bill AB-957

Let’s not forget, this all comes as California’s bill AB-957 is causing a ruckus. The bill could count a parent’s refusal to affirm their child’s chosen ‘gender identity’ against them in custody battles. Talk about a Pandora’s box!

There you have it, folks. California voters aren’t exactly embracing some of the controversial ideas swirling around gender and children. What’s your take? Are you for or against “gender affirming” surgery for kids? Drop a line in the comments and let’s hash this out! And stay tuned for more exciting updates from the world of news.

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