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Calls for Accountability: Demands to Fire Officers Involved in Black Man’s Death During Traffic Stop

Racial Justice Groups and Family Members Urge Governor to Take Action after Fatal Shooting of Ricky Cobb II

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Minneapolis, MN – Racial justice groups and family members of 33-year-old Ricky Cobb II, a Black man fatally shot during a traffic stop by Minnesota State Patrol troopers, are demanding accountability. The incident, which occurred on Interstate 94 in Minneapolis, has sparked outrage and calls for action to address alleged excessive use of force.

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The Initial Stop and Tragic Outcome

Dashcam and bodycam footage from the state patrol reveals that Cobb was pulled over for having faulty taillights on his Ford Fusion. However, what followed has raised serious concerns about the troopers’ actions. According to the State Patrol’s head, troopers attempted to arrest Cobb for allegedly violating a restraining order. As he tried to drive away, the situation escalated, and he was fatally shot by a trooper.

Demand for Justice and Action

Groups like Black Lives Matter Twin Cities, The Racial Justice Network, and Black Lives Matter Minnesota, along with Cobb’s relatives, gathered outside the Hennepin County Government Center to call for justice. They urged Democratic Gov. Tim Walz to take swift action and fire the troopers involved in Cobb’s death. Additionally, they demanded that Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty charge the officers and issue arrest warrants.

Civil Rights Attorney Nekima Levy Armstrong, founder of the Racial Justice Network, highlighted the seriousness of the allegations and emphasized the need for accountability. “The circumstances simply did not require the use of deadly force. Those officers acted recklessly and they must be held accountable,” Armstrong stated.

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Family’s Pain and Heartache

Cobb’s mother, Nyra Fields-Miller, expressed her anguish and exhaustion over her son’s tragic death. “I’m exhausted. My heart is heavy every day for the last three days. Waking up, I have migraines. And I’m hurt,” Fields-Miller said. “I would like those officers to man up.”

The Governor Responds

While the governor’s office has yet to issue a formal response to the demands, Gov. Walz offered his condolences to Cobb’s mother. On social media, he assured her that a thorough investigation is underway to uncover the truth about the incident.

Investigation Underway

The state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is conducting a comprehensive investigation into the shooting. The troopers involved have been placed on administrative leave, adhering to State Patrol policy.

The community is eager for answers and is closely monitoring the situation. The tragic event adds to the ongoing national dialogue about racism in policing, which was ignited by the killing of George Floyd in 2020.

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