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Can I Trust My Girlfriend? Reddit Users Weigh In On A Shocking Discovery

One Reddit user took to the r/relationships subreddit to seek advice on whether or not to trust his current girlfriend. The 27-year-old, who goes by the username “throwaway3579,” shared his concerns and asked the online community for their opinions on the matter.

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Throwaway3579, a 27-year-old man, has been dating a woman, 24F, for the past six months. The couple initially met through mutual friends and quickly formed a strong bond. However, recently, Throwaway3579 began noticing some concerning behavior from his girlfriend, which sparked doubts and raised questions about the trustworthiness of their relationship.


Throwaway3579 explained that he stumbled upon a private conversation between his girlfriend and an unknown person. The conversation, which took place on a messaging app, included flirtatious exchanges and hinted at possible infidelity.

Shocked and confused, Throwaway3579 confronted his girlfriend about the conversation, and she admitted to engaging in inappropriate behavior. However, she assured him that it was all harmless and meant nothing.

Trust Issues

The incident severely impacted Throwaway3579’s ability to trust his girlfriend. He expressed his fear of getting hurt and explained that he had trust issues due to a previous failed relationship. Although his current girlfriend apologized for her actions and promised to be more transparent in the future, Throwaway3579 still felt hesitant about fully trusting her.

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Seeking Advice

Seeking advice from the Reddit community, Throwaway3579 asked fellow users whether he should trust his girlfriend, despite her admission of inappropriate behavior. Additionally, he sought suggestions on how to overcome his trust issues and rebuild the relationship.

Community Response

The Reddit community provided various perspectives and suggestions on the matter. Some users advised Throwaway3579 to give his girlfriend a second chance, emphasizing the importance of open communication and forgiveness in relationships.

Others urged him to re-evaluate the relationship if he couldn’t fully trust his girlfriend, highlighting the significance of trust as a foundation for a healthy partnership.


The story of Throwaway3579 and his trust issues with his girlfriend sparked a discussion on the r/relationships subreddit, with users offering diverse perspectives and advice. Ultimately, the decision to trust or not trust lies with Throwaway3579, as he navigates the complexities of his relationship and works towards finding a resolution that aligns with his own values and beliefs.

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