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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Shows Support for Feminist Barbie Movie amid Separation Announcement

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau donned a pink hoodie to celebrate the new Barbie movie with a feminist message, expressing his support for “team Barbie” in a tweet on Sunday.

Credits: Unlimphotos

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Accompanied by his eldest son, Xavier James, Trudeau showed his backing for the movie despite recent news of his separation from his wife, Sophie Grégoire.

The couple shared their decision to separate in an Instagram post, emphasizing their continued commitment to their close-knit family and the privacy of their children.

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The Barbie movie has been a box office success, approaching the impressive milestone of $1 billion in global earnings.

While the film has faced some criticism for adult themes and satirical portrayals of male characters, it has still garnered popularity among audiences.

Justin Trudeau has consistently presented himself as a feminist and sensitive male figure, even in light of past accusations of groping a reporter from two decades ago.

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