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Canadian Wildfire Smoke Engulfs US, Placing 67 Million Americans Under Air Quality Alerts

Prepare for a smoky spectacle as plumes of smoke from Canadian wildfires make their way into the United States. Over 67 million Americans have awakened to air quality alerts, as the smoke spreads from the West to the East. Major cities across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast are shrouded in a hazy atmosphere, raising concerns about potential health risks. Let’s explore the extent of this issue and when relief might be in sight.

Smoke from Canadian Wildfires Sweeps Across the US

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Thick smoke billowing from ongoing wildfires in Canada has crossed the US border, triggering air quality alerts for millions of Americans. What initially started as “unhealthy” air quality levels in the West has now spread to the East, casting a smoky haze over cities like Boston.

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Air Quality Alerts Blanket the Eastern Half of the US

The eastern half of the country is under a blanket of air quality alerts, affecting the Midwest, Northeast, and parts of the Southeast. Major cities such as Cleveland, Dayton, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington are among those under alert. The smoke’s potential health hazards have raised significant concerns.

Regional Variations in Air Quality

Air quality severity varies across different regions. While the eastern half of the US experiences “moderate” levels, some areas in Georgia are reporting “unhealthy” air quality. “Unhealthy for sensitive groups” levels have been observed in parts of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, the Carolinas, eastern Virginia, and eastern Tennessee.

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Lingering Smoke and Uncertain Relief

Unfortunately, there is no immediate indication that the smoke will completely dissipate anytime soon. The wildfires in Canada continue to burn, and as weather patterns shift, plumes of smoke will intermittently affect different regions of the US. Although some relief is expected in the Northeast as the current plume blows out to sea, the influence of changing storm systems and wind patterns will continue to impact the distribution of smoke.

A Remembrance of Orange Skies

While the current smoke may create hazy conditions in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, it is unlikely to replicate the eerie orange skies witnessed in June. Back then, thick smoke from Canadian wildfires engulfed cities like New York City, resulting in record-breaking poor air quality. Major League Baseball games were postponed, and people took precautions by staying indoors and wearing masks to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the smoke.


As Canadian wildfire smoke blankets the United States, over 67 million Americans find themselves under air quality alerts. The hazy conditions and potential health risks serve as a reminder of the ongoing environmental challenges posed by wildfires. Stay informed, take necessary precautions, and stay tuned for updates on air quality in your area.

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