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Caught In A Love Triangle: My Boyfriend’s Secret Double Life Shatters My World

In a riveting post on the popular subreddit r/relationships, a user by the name of throwaway12345 has sought advice from the community about an alarming revelation in their romantic life. The user discovered that their boyfriend is involved in a relationship with another woman, causing confusion and heartache. This shocking incident has sparked a flurry of responses as Redditors lend their support and provide guidance to navigate this complex situation.

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The Unexpected Discovery

Throwaway12345 opens up their post by expressing their utter disbelief upon discovering that their boyfriend, with whom they have been in a committed relationship for over a year, is actually involved in a romantic relationship with another person. Their emotions surround equal parts shock, betrayal, and confusion.

Conflicting Emotions

In this turbulent time, the user confesses that they are struggling to come to terms with the fact that their partner has been leading a double life. Feelings of anger, hurt, and self-doubt permeate their post. They question why their boyfriend felt the need to seek an additional romantic connection while being involved with them.

The Unknown Girlfriend

The OP reveals that they stumbled upon the existence of the other girlfriend accidentally, leading them to question the authenticity and value of their own relationship. With limited information about this other woman, they express their frustration at not being able to address the situation honestly and openly.

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Seeking Advice and Support

Desperate for guidance, the user turns to the r/relationships community to gain insight into how to handle this delicate and emotionally overwhelming situation. They acknowledge that leaving their boyfriend seems like the obvious choice, but also mention their lingering love and attachment to him that makes the decision far from easy.

Redditors’ Responses

In response to the post, hundreds of Redditors offer their advice, support, and personal anecdotes to help the OP navigate this complex web of emotions. The majority of the community strongly advises throwaway12345 to prioritize their own mental and emotional well-being, urging them to leave the relationship after such a significant breach of trust.

Others encourage the OP to have an open and honest conversation with their boyfriend to gain a better understanding of his intentions and motivations, while a few empathetically share their own experiences of being in similar situations.


As the story unfolds on Reddit’s r/relationships, the post by throwaway12345 brings to light the turmoil and confusion that can arise when discovering a partner’s infidelity. With the support of the online community, the OP is empowered to make a decision that prioritizes their own emotional health and ultimately takes control of their future.

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