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China Calls for Joint Efforts To De-escalate Nuclear Tensions Following Putin’s Statement

China has called for de-escalating tensions among nuclear powers in the wake of Russian President Vladimir Putin asserting readiness for a nuclear war.

Putin’s Nuclear Stance

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Putin, in a recent interview, asserted Russia’s preparedness for nuclear war, emphasizing the nation’s constant combat readiness.

Global Concerns Rising

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His comments have heightened global concerns about the possible use of nuclear weapons, especially in the context of the Ukraine conflict.

China’s Response

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Responding to Putin’s remarks, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin advocated for the principle that a nuclear war “cannot be won and must never be fought,” quoting a sentence from a joint statement issued in 2022 by nuclear-capable countries.

Advocacy for Common Security

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China urged all nuclear states to commit to common security and take steps toward de-escalation. It pointed out that Russia is also a signatory to a joint statement asserting this in 2022.

Russia-China Dynamics

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While Russia finds an ally in China amidst its increasing isolation post-invasion of Ukraine, discrepancies in their stances highlight the complexity of their partnership.

China’s Nuclear Expansion

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According to reports, China is adding more nuclear weapons to its arsenal with the goal of a significant increase in stockpiles in the next ten years.

Concerns About the US

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Reports have suggested that this expansion is driven by concerns over its defense capabilities and potential threats from the U.S.

The Global Nuclear Dialogue

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The dialogue surrounding nuclear weapons and readiness underscores the urgent need for diplomatic efforts to prevent the outbreak of nuclear conflict and maintain global peace and security.

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