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Chris Christie Questions Trump’s Willingness to Concede New Hampshire Primary

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie expressed doubts about Donald Trump’s ability to accept defeat if another candidate wins the upcoming primary in New Hampshire. During an interview on television Christie dismissed the idea of Trump conceding and stated, “He hasn’t conceded the 2020 election. Who cares?”

Christie went on to explain that regardless of Trump’s actions, the Secretary of State of New Hampshire will certify the votes and allocate delegates according to the RNC rules. He also emphasized that Trump has a history of not conceding, citing his loss to Ted Cruz in the 2016 primaries.

However, Christie argued that Trump’s unwillingness to concede is inconsequential. “In the end, the rules will govern here just as they did in 2020,” he said. “I don’t want that pattern to continue after Jan. 20, 2025, which is why I plan to defeat both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.”

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The announcement that the New Hampshire primary will be held on Jan. 23 sparked controversy. While the GOP anticipated this date, it puts the state at odds with the Democratic Party’s preferred schedule. The DNC had advocated for South Carolina to host the first primary in 2024.

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Secretary of State David Scanlan defended New Hampshire’s position as the traditional first-in-the-nation primary and vowed to protect it. He criticized the DNC’s attempt to use racial diversity as a basis for reshuffling the primary calendar, stating, “Diversity is not the real issue at play in this debate. At stake is who gets to determine the nominee of a party: the elites on a national party committee or the voters.”

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