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Chris Christie Shuns Trump in 2024: “I’m Not Voting for Trump Under Any Circumstances”

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie reaffirmed his stance against former President Donald Trump, asserting that he would not vote for Trump “under any circumstances.”

In an interview on “The View,” Christie expressed dissatisfaction with both major party candidates for the upcoming 2024 general election.

Opposition to Trump

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Christie, who was a contender in the 2024 Republican primary, emerged as one of Trump’s most vocal critics during the campaign.

Despite dropping out early last month, he remains steadfast in his opposition to the GOP frontrunner.

Discontent with Main Party Choices

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Reflecting on the current political landscape, Christie lamented the lack of appealing options from both major parties.

“We have two awful choices here, in my view,” he said. “The only thing I will commit to is: I’m not voting for Trump under any circumstances.”

Christie’s Campaign Experience

Credit: Jersey City, US, Oct. 20 2023: Chris Christie 2024 presidential campaign flag waving at the White House. Illustrative editorial 3d illustration render. 2024 US presidential election — Photo by rarrarorro

During his own bid for the presidency, Christie positioned himself as an anti-Trump candidate.

However, his campaign failed to gain significant traction, leading to his early departure from the race.

No Endorsement for 2024

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While Christie hasn’t endorsed a specific candidate for the 2024 race, he dismissed Nikki Haley, one of Trump’s remaining serious opponents, suggesting she would get “smoked” in the primary.

Openness to Third-Party Support

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Despite ruling out support for Trump, Christie has left the door open to alternative options, including third-party candidates or a potential candidacy of his own.

Potential Third-Party Candidacy

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Christie has been floated as a potential candidate for No Labels, a third-party initiative aimed at fielding a bipartisan “unity” ticket for the general election.

However, “I’d have to see a path for anybody — not just me — but I think anybody who would accept that would need to see a path to 270 electoral votes,” he said.

Consideration of No Labels

Credit: Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA – August 23rd, 2023: Chris Christie The former Governor of New Jersey participated in the 2024 Republican Presidential Debate. — Photo by samael1986

While Christie expressed willingness to entertain the idea of joining No Labels, he noted that a thorough discussion with his wife would be necessary before making any decisions.

Lieberman’s Perspective

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Former Senator Joe Lieberman, chair of No Labels, expressed enthusiasm about the prospect of Christie’s involvement in the initiative, highlighting his potential as a strong candidate.

Criticism of No Labels

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However, No Labels has faced criticism from supporters of President Joe Biden, who fear that a “unity” ticket in 2024 could detract from Biden’s chances of reelection by splitting the vote.

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