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Christian Social Worker Takes Legal Action after Job Withdrawn, Told He Must ‘Embrace and Promote’ LGBT Rights

A Christian social worker in the United Kingdom, Felix Ngole, is pursuing legal action after having a job offer withdrawn due to his beliefs about homosexuality and marriage. Ngole had previously won a free speech case against his university after being expelled from a social work program for expressing his views on homosexuality on social media. The health care organization, Touchstone Support Leeds, withdrew the job offer, stating that Ngole’s beliefs did not align with their commitment to LGBTQ+ rights.

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Withdrawal of Job Offer:

Touchstone Support Leeds informed Ngole that his strong views against homosexuality and same-sex marriage contradicted the organization’s ethos and values. They expressed concerns that his beliefs would compromise their support for the LGBTQ+ community. Despite being the highest-scoring candidate in the interview process, Ngole was informed that the decision could be reversed if he assured the organization that he would “embrace and promote homosexual rights.”

Discrimination Allegations and Legal Action:

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Ngole, represented by the Christian Legal Centre, claims that Touchstone violated the Equality Act by discriminating against his religious beliefs. He will have a hearing at the Leeds Employment Tribunal to present his case. Ngole maintains that he has never discriminated against any client and defends his Christian beliefs on marriage and sexuality.

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Implications and Response:

Ngole’s case is seen as setting a precedent that could potentially restrict Christians from working in the National Health Service (NHS) and other institutions if they openly express their beliefs. The Christian Legal Centre argues that forcing employees to promote an ideology that contradicts their conscience is unacceptable. They emphasize the need for mutual respect, tolerance, and inclusion in the workplace.


Felix Ngole’s legal action against Touchstone Support Leeds raises important questions about religious freedom and the clash of beliefs in the workplace. The outcome of this case could have implications for individuals who hold religious convictions and work in organizations committed to promoting LGBTQ+ rights. The balance between respecting diverse beliefs and ensuring non-discrimination remains a contentious issue, highlighting the ongoing debate surrounding religious freedoms and LGBTQ+ rights in society.

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