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Close Call in the Skies: Charter Jet Takes off Without Authorization, NTSB Investigates

Transportation Secretary Acknowledges Increase in Close Calls at Airports

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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg addresses a Safety Summit, acknowledging an “uptick in serious close calls” at airports across the country.

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The remarks come in light of a recent incident involving a charter jet and a JetBlue flight at Boston Logan International Airport.

NTSB Report Reveals Unauthorized Takeoff Leading to Near Miss

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The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a final report uncovering a concerning incident at Boston Logan International Airport.

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A charter jet from Hop-A-Jet took off without authorization, resulting in a close encounter with a JetBlue flight that had clearance to land.

The Near-Miss Scenario Unveiled

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On February 27, the Hop-A-Jet aircraft crossed the runway just as JetBlue Flight 206 was about to land.

The Boston tower controller had instructed the charter flight to wait on the runway while allowing JetBlue to land on an intersecting runway

Misinterpretation Leads to Unauthorized Takeoff

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The NTSB report reveals that the Hop-A-Jet’s captain misinterpreted the instructions from air traffic controllers and believed they were cleared for takeoff.

Consequently, the charter flight began its takeoff roll instead of waiting, causing the JetBlue flight to initiate a go-around maneuver.

Apologies and Accountability

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The Hop-A-Jet captain expressed remorse for the incident and attributed it to potential effects of the cold temperature in Boston on his well-being.

He stated he was not feeling completely well during the clearance and apologized for the confusion.

Lessons Learned and Ongoing Investigation

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The incident prompted a safety investigation and raised concerns about air traffic control procedures.

Authorities are analyzing the factors contributing to the misinterpretation to prevent similar close calls in the future..

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