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CMT’s Decision to Pull Jason Aldean’s Video May Result in Bud Light-Like Situation, Says Financial Guru

Financial Guru Warns of Potential Fallout for CMT

Entrepreneur Ted Jenkin expressed concern over Country Music Television’s (CMT) decision to pull Jason Aldean’s music video for “Try That In A Small Town.” According to Jenkin, the network could learn from Bud Light’s experience and the consequences of pushing forced agendas on consumers.

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Trend of Exercising Free Speech on Businesses

Jenkin observed a growing trend in America where consumers exercise their free speech by reacting to businesses’ actions. He emphasized that when businesses take certain actions, they must also accept responsibility for the potential consequences.

Bud Light’s Wake-Up Call

Photo Credit: @budlight on instagram

Sales of Bud Light plummeted after a promotion involving transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney led to conservative consumers boycotting the beer. Jenkin believes this incident serves as a lesson for businesses, showing that consumers reject forced agendas.

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Selective Accountability and Business Decisions

Jenkin highlighted the importance of businesses deciding whether to engage in politics or focus on selling products and services. He called for a more equal approach to holding people accountable for their actions, regardless of their political affiliation or beliefs.

Backlash Against CMT and Support for Jason Aldean

Following CMT’s decision to pull the music video, many fans voiced their support for Jason Aldean and criticized the network for alleged “cancel culture” tactics. Fans rallied around Aldean’s song, which touches on American values and the riots in 2020.

Potential Consequences for CMT

CMT, a network with a blue-collar audience similar to Bud Light’s pre-controversy viewership, could face backlash if they continue down a path perceived as endorsing “woke politics” rather than focusing on their core audience.

Addressing the Double Standard

Jenkin pointed out a perceived double standard in America, where artists popular among liberals seemingly face fewer consequences for their words compared to those with conservative views. He urged for equal accountability for all individuals.

Navigating Controversy

As the country becomes increasingly polarized, Jenkin warned against selective accountability and emphasized the importance of businesses being mindful of their decisions, especially when it comes to political matters.

CMT’s Potential Path Forward

Given the current climate, CMT must carefully navigate controversies and consider the preferences of their audience to avoid a situation similar to Bud Light’s. The network’s No. 43 ranking among basic cable networks highlights the need to maintain viewer support and avoid alienating their fanbase.

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