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CNN Fact-Checks Biden’s Statements on Economy, Identifying ‘Two Lies’

CNN Fact-Checks Biden’s Statements on Economy, Identifying ‘Two Lies’

During President Biden’s recent speech on the economy in Milwaukee, CNN conducted a fact-check and identified “at least two lies” in his statements. CNN’s Victor Blackwell highlighted Biden’s repeated false claims and brought in fact-checker Daniel Dale to analyze the inaccuracies.

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One of the falsehoods centered around Biden’s storytelling involving a conversation with an Amtrak conductor named Angelo Negri during his vice presidency. Biden claimed Negri told him about riding over a million miles on Amtrak and concluded the story by saying, “true story, I swear to God.” According to Biden, Negri was referencing his own milestone of flying “over a million miles” on Air Force planes. However, Dale clarified that the story is inaccurate. Negri, who was an Amtrak conductor, had passed away before the supposed conversation would have taken place. Negri reached the million-mile milestone in September 2015, while he had died in 2014.

Furthermore, Dale addressed another false element in Biden’s speech related to his mother’s health. Biden claimed that he was going to see his mother, who was sick and in hospice care at his home. In reality, Biden’s mother had passed away five years prior to him reaching the million-mile milestone on Air Force 2. While Biden and Negri did have a connection, the president has told this inaccurate story multiple times.

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Blackwell also pointed out that Biden repeated a separate false story about his grandfather’s death being only days before his own birth, both occurring at the same hospital. Dale emphasized that this is the second time Biden has made this misleading claim, despite being fact-checked previously.

These instances of fact-checking reveal that Biden’s false claims were made in the context of an economy speech. The president has recently faced other fact-checking instances as well, including his claims about his son Hunter’s financial dealings in China. Hunter Biden’s own court testimony contradicted the president’s assertions.

Overall, the fact-checking process shed light on inaccuracies in President Biden’s statements during his speech on the economy.

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