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CNN Poll – 66% Of Americans Think A Second Biden Term Would Be A ‘Disaster’ Or ‘Setback’

Recent polling data suggests that President Biden faces an uphill battle for his 2024 reelection campaign, a fact noted by CNN, which described the latest polling data as “detrimental.”

On Thursday, a poll was unveiled which painted a daunting picture for Biden, with an overwhelming 66% of Americans believing that his victory in the next presidential race would spell either a “disaster” or a “setback” for the country.

‘This is disastrous news’ – CNN anchor, Jake Tapper

Reacting to the distressing results, CNN anchor Jake Tapper said, “This is disastrous news, utterly disastrous for Joe Biden,” and added later, “These statistics are quite troubling.”

CNN’s Political Director, David Challian, offered an interpretation of the poll’s numbers, revealing that 41% of American respondents labeled a potential Biden win as a “disaster.”

This is marginally more optimistic than the 44% who assigned the same descriptor to a win by former President Trump.

On the other hand, 26% view a Biden win as a “setback,” whereas only 12% think the same for a Trump win. Regarding those considering each candidate’s victory a “step forward,” both Biden and Trump stood evenly at 27%.

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Trump’s support base ‘stronger’ than Biden’s support base

However, Trump enjoyed a ten-point advantage over Biden among respondents who’d describe it as a “triumph.”

“Trump’s ardent supporters seem to show stronger support than Biden’s most loyal base,” commented Chalian.

Commenting on the data, Tapper said to Chalian, “Sure, the situation looks more critical for Biden, but the majority of Americans seem to think that electing either of these men would be detrimental or a setback for the country, irrespective of whether it’s Biden or Trump, the current frontrunners of the Democratic and Republican parties.”

Chalian responded, “It seems like this is not an election the American public is looking forward to.”

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Biden’s approval rating ‘extraordinarily low’

According to the CNN poll, Biden’s approval rating stands at a mere 35%, which Chalian remarked as “extraordinarily low.”

Party-wise data analysis revealed that Biden had 79% support from Democrats, while only 26% of independents approved of him, a nine-point decline since December.

Trump’s overall approval rating was slightly higher at 37%.

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Robert Kennedy Jr second favorite behind Joe Biden

The scenario became more concerning for Biden when considering the Democratic primary opponents. Biden had garnered 60% support, but a surprising 20% endorsed Robert F. Kennedy Jr., while 8% favored spiritual guide and former 2020 presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson.

The poll’s data divided between Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents showed that while 67% of the party faithful supported Biden, only 40% of leaning independents did.

Chalian suggested that RFK Jr.’s support could be seen as a “possible red flag,” with 32% of leaning Americans supporting him, compared to just 15% of party loyalists.

A Fox News poll from the previous month painted a similar picture, with Biden gaining 62% support from primary voters, while RFK Jr. and Williamson received 19% and 9% support, respectively.

Persistent polls indicate a lack of enthusiasm for the president, with many Americans, including Democrats, expressing concern about his age.

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