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CNN Reporter and Crew Face Third Car Burglary in the Bay Area

Kyung Lah Issues Warning to Tourists Visiting San Francisco and Oakland

A CNN correspondent and her crew have been burglarized for the third time while covering the surge in crime in the Bay Area, California. Kyung Lah, the CNN correspondent, took to Twitter to share a video of their car with a completely-shattered window, highlighting the brazenness of the thieves. 

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The incident occurred in Oakland, where they were shooting a story about crime, and the car was emptied within seconds while they were across the street.

Rampant Crime in the Bay Area Takes a Toll on CNN Crew

Kyung Lah emphasized the severity of the crime situation in San Francisco and Oakland, warning visitors not to leave anything in their cars to avoid theft. The rental car employee revealed that 27 out of 250 returned cars had been broken into on a Tuesday, representing over 10% of the cars.

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Credits: DepositPhotos

Recurring Incidents Despite Precautions

This marks the third time in a year that CNN has rented a car. been broken into in the Bay Area, showing the persistence of the problem. Despite taking precautions and leaving nothing valuable in their cars, the crew still faced burglary.

San Francisco’s Crime Woes Extend to Walgreens Stores

Last month, Kyung Lah’s crew witnessed a man brazenly stealing from a Walgreens store in San Francisco, shedding light on the “organized retail crime” that has caused at least five Walgreens stores to close in the city. San Francisco’s rising crime rates led to the recall of the city’s progressive district attorney Chesa Boudin by a historic majority vote.

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