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CNN’s Zeleny: No Equivalence Between Trump and Hunter, but Republicans May Try to Create Perception

CNN Chief National Affairs Correspondent Jeff Zeleny discussed the ongoing investigations into Hunter Biden and the potential political implications on CNN’s “Inside Politics.” Zeleny highlighted that while there may not be an equivalence between the situations involving former President Donald Trump and Hunter Biden, Republicans may attempt to create a perception of similarity.

Zeleny noted that President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden had hoped that the investigation into Hunter Biden’s activities would be closed before the campaign. However, with the announcement of a special counsel investigation, it is clear that the matter is not ending soon. Zeleny mentioned that advisors, allies, and supporters of President Biden believe that voters might not mind the investigation unless there is a direct link to the President.

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As of now, there is no such link, but Zeleny expressed concerns about a potential blind spot in the Biden campaign’s strategy if the investigation deepens. He acknowledged that while the topic is not discussed prominently in the campaign, Republicans are actively addressing it in House committees and on the presidential campaign trail. Zeleny suggested that the Republicans might attempt to draw parallels between Hunter Biden’s situation and previous controversies involving former President Trump.

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Zeleny concluded by stating that while there is no real equivalence between the two situations, Republicans may still attempt to create a perception of similarity, possibly bringing up the issue during the upcoming debate in Milwaukee.

Zeleny’s analysis highlights the potential political dynamics surrounding the Hunter Biden investigation and its impact on the presidential campaign.

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