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Coast Guard Investigates Massive Crude Oil Spill off Louisiana Coast

The U.S. Coast Guard Heartland is currently investigating the cause of a significant oil leak off the southeast coast of New Orleans, which is believed to have resulted in over a million gallons of crude oil being spilled.

Although the exact volume of the spill remains uncertain, initial calculations conducted by the Coast Guard indicate that approximately 1.1 million gallons of oil may have been released.

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The spill was initially observed and reported on Thursday morning at around 6:30 a.m. As a precautionary measure, the 67-mile pipeline responsible for the leak was promptly closed, while three skimming vessels were deployed to recover oil from the surface.

The incident occurred roughly 19 miles offshore, situated south of the Chandeleur Islands and east of the Mississippi River.

On the following day, Clean Gulf Associates’ vessels conducted operations to skim and sample the crude oil, approximately four miles southeast of South Pass, Louisiana. A total of about 210 gallons of an oily-water mixture were successfully recovered.

In addition, remotely operated vehicles were deployed on Friday morning to survey the pipeline, yet no conclusive evidence of a source for the spill has been found thus far.

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The Coast Guard has announced that the remotely operated vehicles will continue surveying the pipeline, weather permitting. Meanwhile, the Unified Command is actively working to identify the exact cause of the spill. Thus far, overflight assessments have indicated no reports of injuries or impacts on the shoreline.

Credits: DepositPhotos

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The authorities are closely monitoring the situation and taking all necessary measures to mitigate the environmental impact caused by the crude oil spill off the coast of Louisiana.

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