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Colorado Gun Law Raising Age to Purchase Gun to 21 Set to Take Effect Monday

Colorado Gun Law Takes Effect Monday

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Starting this week, a new gun reform law will go into effect in Colorado, preventing individuals under the age of 21 from buying firearms, except for active military members, peace officers, and certified individuals.

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Concerns Over Impact on Gun Shops and Self-Defense

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Local gun stores and shooting ranges are worried that the implementation of this law will affect their profits, but their main concern is that young people won’t be able to protect themselves.

Legal Challenges on Constitutionality

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Gun groups, such as the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, have filed lawsuits claiming the law is unconstitutional, arguing that if 18-year-olds can vote, they should also be allowed to purchase firearms.

State’s Focus on Protecting Young People

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Sponsors of the legislation emphasize that the goal is to safeguard young individuals rather than criminalize responsible gun owners, aiming to address issues like youth suicide and domestic violence.

Supporters Aim for Enhanced Public Safety

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Advocates believe that restricting access to guns will improve public safety, as they argue that easy availability of firearms can lead to harmful outcomes for both youth and the community.

New Age Limit for Purchasing Firearms

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The law sets the age limit for buying firearms in Colorado at 21 years old, making exceptions for active military members, peace officers, and those certified by the Peace Officer Standards and Training board.

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Concerns Raised by Local Gun Shops and Ranges

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Local gun stores and shooting ranges have expressed worries that this new law may negatively impact their profitability. However, their primary concern is centered around young individuals being unable to defend themselves.

Constitutionality Questioned by Gun Groups

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Gun organizations, including the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, argue that the law is unconstitutional and have filed lawsuits against Governor Jared Polis and the State of Colorado, contending that individuals who can vote should also be permitted to purchase firearms.

Law’s Focus on Protecting Youth and Addressing Issues

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State sponsors of the legislation emphasize its intention to shield young individuals and tackle issues like youth suicide and domestic violence, rather than targeting responsible gun owners.

Supporters Advocate for Public Safety Enhancement

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Supporters of the law believe that limiting access to firearms will promote public safety. They argue that easy availability of guns can have harmful consequences for both young individuals and the broader community.

Exemptions for Active Military Members and Peace Officers

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The new law grants exceptions for active military personnel, peace officers, and individuals certified by the Peace Officer Standards and Training board, allowing them to purchase firearms even if they are under 21 years old.

Focus on Safer Communities

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By implementing this gun reform law, Colorado aims to create safer communities by restricting access to firearms for individuals under the age of 21, with exemptions for active military members, peace officers, and certified individuals.

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