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Colorado Officials Reject Sanctuary Status Amid Migrant Arrival

Officials in Colorado are making it clear that they do not intend to become sanctuary cities for migrants.

As record numbers of migrant encounters occur at the U.S.-Mexico border, Democratic mayors in cities like Denver, New York City, and Chicago have appealed to the federal government for increased funding.

Calls For Federal Assistance

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The surge of migrants at the southern border has created a national political debate.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has garnered support from numerous Republican counterparts who argue that states have the right to protect themselves from the migrant influx.

Colorado’s Stance

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In response to the discussions and concerns, Colorado officials have taken a definitive stance against adopting sanctuary city status.

Colorado Springs’ Position

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During a press conference led by El Paso County Board of Commissioners Chair Cami Bremer and Vice Chair Carrie Geitner, Colorado Springs Councilman Dave Donelson stated firmly, “Colorado Springs is not a sanctuary city.”

They outlined their positions regarding migration and local officials’ plans to address any potential migrant influx.

Key Points From The Press Conference

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The following key positions were expressed during the press conference:

  1. El Paso County will not be designated as a sanctuary county.
  2. The county supports legal immigration through established channels.
  3. The federal government must secure the border and work on reform.
  4. Decisions will be made based on fiscal responsibility, adherence to legal frameworks, and a commitment to residents.

Strong Stance Against Sanctuary County Designation

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Cami Bremer emphasized, “El Paso County has not, and will not, be designated as a sanctuary county.” All five county commissioners stand united in this stance.

They expressed empathy for migrants seeking better lives but underscored their unwavering support for legal immigration through established channels.

Fiscal Responsibility

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Carrie Geitner noted that financial resources are not infinite and that encouraging migrants to come to cities like Denver and Chicago carries risks.

Cities need to act responsibly to ensure the safety of both migrants and citizens.

Chicago Residents’ Lawsuit

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The press conference touched on a recent lawsuit by Chicago residents who blame the chaos in their communities on the encouragement of migrants to seek refuge there.

They placed responsibility on the Biden administration, not Governor Abbott, for perpetuating the crisis.

El Paso County’s Proactive Approach

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Vernon Stewart, a spokesperson for El Paso County, clarified that the press conference was a proactive step to address potential strains on public safety and community resources.

The county has accurate statistics regarding its migrant population and aims to safeguard the quality of life for existing residents.

Colorado Springs’ Stance

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Colorado Springs officials echoed the non-sanctuary stance, emphasizing the responsible use of taxpayer dollars.

Mayor Yemi Mobolade, a political independent, highlighted the priority of serving their own residents first.

City of Colorado Springs’ Response

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Vanessa Zink, a spokesperson for the city of Colorado Springs, confirmed the arrival of a bus carrying migrant families at a local nonprofit but clarified that it was not coordinated by the city.

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