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Colorado Rep. Don Wilson Apologizes for Leaving Loaded Gun in State Capitol Bathroom

A Colorado state lawmaker has apologized for leaving a loaded gun unattended in a bathroom at the state Capitol. 

Republican State Rep. Don Wilson admitted his error and expressed regret for the incident, which took place earlier this week.  

A 9mm Glock handgun was found by janitorial staff on a shelf in a single-occupancy bathroom. 

Surveillance footage revealed that the gun had been left unattended for about 20 minutes before it was discovered, as reported by Colorado State Patrol.  

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The incident occurred at the Capitol building, which was closed to the public at 7 p.m. on that evening. 

Members of the state House Judiciary Committee reportedly met until about 9 p.m., raising concerns about public access during that time.  

While security checkpoints were closed to new visitors, it is possible that members of the public were still present in the building during the committee meeting.  

During his apology, Wilson stressed his dedication to firearm safety and took complete responsibility for the incident. 

Credit: DepositPhotos

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He stated his commitment to ensuring responsible handling procedures in the future.  

The Colorado State Patrol has confirmed that their investigation has found no violations of state laws in this case. 

This indicates that individuals who have Capitol credentials and access are allowed to carry firearms within secure areas, as per Colorado gun laws.  

House Speaker Julie McCluskie, a Democrat, strongly criticized the incident, emphasizing the potential danger of leaving a firearm unattended. 

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She emphasized the necessity of legislation to ban the carrying of firearms in the Capitol, echoing demands for increased gun safety measures.  

McCluskie’s comments highlighted the Democrats’ ongoing push for tighter gun control laws, which includes proposals to limit firearms in places such as government buildings.  

Another incident involving a gun has occurred in the Colorado state Capitol, similar to the one involving Wilson. 

In a recent incident, State Rep. Richard Holtorf, a congressional candidate, allegedly dropped his firearm outside the House chamber while heading to cast a vote.  

The recent incidents have sparked debates about firearm safety and regulation in the Capitol, leading to renewed demands for action. 

Credit: DepositPhotos

Congress has had mixed success in addressing firearm safety measures.  

Democrats have pushed for tighter regulations, including firearm bans in specific areas, but these proposals have encountered resistance from Republican lawmakers. 

The incident involving Rep. Wilson’s firearm has sparked renewed discussions on gun safety policies and highlighted the importance of bipartisan collaboration in addressing security issues within legislative buildings.  

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