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Colorado Supreme Court Justices Face Threats After Ruling Against Trump

Officials Face Threats


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The aftermath of the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to disqualify Donald Trump from the state’s Republican primary ballot reveals a distressing pattern: officials facing threats following legal setbacks for Trump. In the last 24 hours, threats against the justices who ruled in the case have inundated social media platforms, raising serious concerns.


Threats on Social Media

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A report by Advance Democracy, a nonpartisan organization, highlights the surge of threats against the justices and Democrats on social media. These threats, often in response to Trump’s posts on Truth Social, include the posting of personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and office addresses of the justices.

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Disturbing Quotes

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Quoted threats from social media users include, “This ends when we kill these [expletive],” and “What do you call seven justices from the Colorado Supreme Court at the bottom of the ocean? A good start.” The report includes posts suggesting various violent methods to harm those perceived as Trump’s enemies, such as hollow-point bullets, rifles, rope, and bombs.

Pattern of Violence

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This alarming pattern is not isolated to this incident. Previous legal challenges against Trump have resulted in similar threats and acts of violence. Instances include:

Attacks on FBI offices.

Posting addresses of grand jurors.

Threats against a federal judge involved in a case against Trump.

Daniel J. Jones’s Concerns

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Daniel J. Jones, president of Advance Democracy, expresses deep concern over the consistency of violent threats and rhetoric. He emphasizes the alarming normalization of such language and the lack of action by social media entities to address the issue.

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Trump’s Influence

Flat multicolored poster with Trump on the background of the USA flag. — Vector by Sucares

Jones attributes the escalation of violent rhetoric to Trump’s statements, which he claims seek to delegitimize and politicize the actions of the courts. The report underscores the need for political leaders from both sides to condemn these calls for violence and calls for social media platforms to reassess their role in hosting and promoting such dangerous rhetoric.

Call for Political Leadership

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The report concludes with a call for political leaders to speak out against the escalating threats. It highlights the responsibility of leaders to condemn violence and urges social media platforms to reconsider their role in facilitating and amplifying violent rhetoric.

Silence from Colorado Supreme Court

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A spokesman for the Colorado Supreme Court has not provided an immediate response to the threats. The silence raises questions about the court’s stance on the matter and how institutions may grapple with the increasing challenges of violent rhetoric in the digital age.

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Trump Campaign’s Response

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Similarly, a Trump campaign official has yet to immediately respond to requests for comment. The lack of response leaves open the question of how political figures may address or distance themselves from the threats emerging in the wake of legal decisions.

Social Media Accountability

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As the threats intensify on social media platforms, questions arise about the accountability of these platforms. The report emphasizes the urgent need for social media entities to take remedial action against the proliferation of violent rhetoric. It calls for a reassessment of their role in hosting and promoting content that poses a clear threat to public safety and the functioning of democratic institutions.

Societal Reflection and Forward Action

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The unsettling events following the Colorado Supreme Court ruling demand societal reflection and decisive action. Beyond the immediate concerns surrounding this incident, it prompts a broader discussion on political discourse, the impact of influential figures’ statements, and the responsibility of individuals and institutions to foster a climate of respect and civility.

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Vigilance and Attention Needed

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The intersection of legal decisions, political figures, and social media dynamics underscores the challenges society faces in addressing and preventing the escalation of violent rhetoric and threats against officials and institutions. The unfolding situation warrants continued attention and vigilance.

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