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Conservative Commentator Ann Coulter Hits on Donald Trump

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter has ignited controversy with her recent comments about former President Donald Trump.

Known for her unabashed and often provocative views, Coulter did not pull any punches when asked how Trump could contribute to “taking America back.”

Coulter’s Previous Stance on Trump

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Ann Coulter, once a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, had endorsed him during his 2016 presidential campaign.

She even authored a book titled “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!”

Criticism in Recent Times

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However, Coulter’s relationship with Trump soured over time, primarily due to her belief that he had let down his voters by failing to fulfill his promise of constructing a border wall along the US-Mexico border to curb illegal immigration.

A Sharp Critic of Trump

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In recent years, Coulter has become a vocal critic of the former president.

She has used strong and unfiltered language to convey her disappointment with Trump.

Biggest Wimp

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Coulter has referred to him as “the biggest wimp ever to serve” and even gone as far as calling him “a gigantic baby” who “can barely speak English.”

Trump’s 2016 Success: Immigration

Credit: 12.07.2018. BRUSSELS, BELGIUM. Press conference of Donald Trump, President of United States of America, during NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) SUMMIT 2018. ” — Photo by gints.ivuskans

Coulter’s criticism of Trump stems from her belief that his victory in the 2016 election was primarily attributed to his strong stance on immigration issues.

This included promises to build the border wall, deport undocumented immigrants, and implement a travel ban targeting certain Muslim-majority countries.

A Fan of Ron DeSantis

Credit: Des Moines, Iowa, USA – August 12, 2023: Florida Republican Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis greets supporters at the Iowa State Fair fair side chats in Des Moines, Iowa. — Photo by jhansen2

Coulter has openly praised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, viewing him as a politician who is genuinely committed to immigration reform.

Remaining Neutral in GOP Primaries

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Despite her admiration for DeSantis, Coulter has not officially thrown her support behind any candidate in the GOP primaries.

Instead, she has directed her energy towards critiquing those who do not align with her views on comprehensive border security.

Telling Nikki Haley To Go Back

Credit: CNN Republican Presidential Primary Debate with Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. January 10, 2024, Des Moines, Iowa, USA: Nikki Haley (not shown) and Ron DeSantis (shown) — Photo by thenews2.com

Her controversial statement telling US-born politician Nikki Haley to “go back to your own country” last year drew considerable attention.

Recent Critique of Trump’s Immigration Policies

Credit: Louisville, Kentucky March 20, 2017 President Donald J. Trump addresses a crowd at a rally inside Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky, on March 20, 2017. — Photo by jctabb

Coulter’s recent social media post once again targeted Donald Trump, accusing him of not taking sufficiently strong measures on immigration.

Coulter’s Take on Trump

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She wrote, “Trump won’t close the border. He’ll push for amnesty, allow anchor babies and sanctuary cities to continue, ban bump stocks, propose taking guns away without due process and hire half of Goldman Sacks,” she added on X (Golden Sacks is a misspelling of the investment giant Goldman Sachs’ name).

“The presidential election is worthless. Concentrate on the House & Senate.”

Trump’s Immigration Agenda

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Donald Trump, on the other hand, has reaffirmed his commitment to constructing more sections of the border wall and imposing stringent restrictions on asylum seekers.

He has also expressed his intention to reinstate a policy that requires migrants to await their asylum hearings in Mexico.

Trump’s Takedown of Coulter


It is worth noting that Donald Trump has also publicly criticized Ann Coulter, branding her as a “has-been” and a “stone cold loser.”

Trump’s Response to Coulter

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Ann Coulter’s unfiltered comments continue to fuel debates within the Republican party, highlighting the ongoing divisions and differing opinions surrounding the former president’s legacy.

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