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Conservative Figure Jonah Goldberg Slams Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Political Maneuvers, Says She Is ‘Problem For Trump’

Jonah Goldberg, a prominent figure in conservative media, has openly criticized Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for her recent political actions, which include an attempt to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Jonah Goldberg, known for his roles with National Review Online and The Dispatch, expressed his disdain for Rep. Greene’s tactics during a CNN panel discussion. 

His comments reflect growing frustration within conservative circles over Greene’s confrontational style.

Greene’s push to oust Speaker Johnson stems from his collaboration with Democrats to pass government funding legislation. 

This move has isolated Greene within the Republican Party, as she stands with only a few far-right colleagues in her crusade against Johnson.

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Pointing to the three Republicans who have been pushing for Johnson’s ouster, including Reps. Greene, Paul Gosar, and Thomas Massie, Goldberg implied that in the GOP,  no one “wants to be the fourth on that weird Mt. Rushmore of grossness and weirdness.”

During the CNN discussion, Goldberg highlighted the political risks Greene faces, including alienation from influential party figures like Donald Trump, who recently endorsed Speaker Johnson’s efforts.

Lulu Garcia-Navarro, a CNN contributor, questioned Greene’s endgame in her push against Johnson, noting that her actions could jeopardize her standing within the party and with key Republican leaders.

“She is now seen as obstructive, she is seen as a problem for Trump,” Garcia-Navarro said. “And that ultimately puts her position in the party in peril.”

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Goldberg added that Greene has a “goldfish memory” and that she’s just “a creature of the Internet Age.”

Fox News columnist Liz Peek and other Republican voices have criticized Greene’s approach, calling it disruptive and attention-seeking. 

This internal criticism underscores a broader dissatisfaction with Greene’s tactics within the party.

Representatives Marc Molinaro, Clay Higgins, and Dusty Johnson have spoken out against Greene’s motion to vacate the Speaker, viewing it as detrimental to conservative goals and party unity.

Greene’s actions have been described by some peers as self-serving and grandstanding, with Rep. Bob Good dismissing her influence within the party.

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Despite widespread criticism, Greene remains unyielded. 

She continues to challenge Johnson, recently accusing him of betraying Trump and the January 6 defendants — a claim that highlights her willingness to confront party leadership directly.

As Marjorie Taylor Greene continues her contentious path in Congress, her isolation within the GOP becomes more pronounced. 

The criticism from Jonah Goldberg and others suggests a deepening rift that could have lasting implications for her political career and the broader dynamics within the Republican Party.

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