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Controversial Tax-Funded Program Teaches Children About Drag Queens: A Look at Both Sides

A youth center in Fairview, Ohio, funded by taxpayer money, has sparked controversy by offering monthly programs aimed at teaching children about drag queens. The Colors+ Youth Center’s website indicates that they provide tutorials on drag performance, including makeup, costume design, and performance techniques. Additionally, the center collaborates with Drag Queen Story Hour Cleveland to host events where drag performers read age-appropriate books promoting LGBTQ+ inclusivity, creativity, and love to young attendees.

Credit: DepositPhotos

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Supporters of the program argue that it promotes diversity, acceptance, and self-expression among children, fostering an inclusive environment. They view drag as an art form that challenges traditional gender norms and helps children understand and appreciate different identities.

However, critics express concerns over the involvement of taxpayer funds in such initiatives. Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, which financially supports the Colors+ Youth Center’s drag-related activities, is a taxpayer-funded organization aiming to enhance arts and culture experiences. Some taxpayers object to their money being used for what they perceive as a politically charged agenda, raising questions about the proper allocation of public funds.

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Moreover, opponents argue that exposing children to drag queens may not be age-appropriate and could influence young minds in ways they consider inappropriate or premature.

It’s worth noting that similar controversies have arisen in the past, with other Ohio-based entities offering drag queen tutorials for teens.

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