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Controversy Surrounds Black Panther Party-Tied Clinic Offering Gender-Reassignment Meds to Seattle Middle School Students

Gender-Affirming Care for Young Students Raises Concerns

A health clinic with ties to the Black Panther Party at a Seattle public middle school is causing controversy for providing free gender-reassignment medications to children as young as 11 years old. The Meany Health Center, operated independently but partially funded by King County taxpayers, offers comprehensive medical services, including “gender reaffirming care” and “reproductive care management,” to students in Seattle Public Schools.

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Services Provided and Concerns Raised

While the school’s website doesn’t explicitly define “gender reaffirming care,” the Country Doctor Community Health Centers (CDCHC), which runs the clinic, clarifies that it includes gender-reassignment medications, hormones, and surgery referrals for transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse patients. CDCHC, founded in 1988, traces its roots back to the Seattle Black Panther Party and the Seattle Liberation Front.

CDCHC’s Involvement in Seattle Public Schools

CDCHC operates another clinic at Nova High School in Seattle’s Central District, offering similar free services to students as young as 14 years old. While parental consent is required for medications and injections, no such consent is needed for birth control, pregnancy, or abortion services.

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School’s Stance on Pronouns and Gender Identity

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Seattle public school teachers have been told not to share pronoun changes with parents without the student’s consent, regardless of their age. The school policy emphasizes respecting students’ gender identity and avoiding assumptions about their gender.

Inclusive Language and Sexual Health Education

Educators in Seattle public schools have been encouraged to use inclusive language and “They/Them” pronouns in most situations. Fourth-graders were introduced to sexual health lessons that replaced traditional terms like “female” and “male” with “person with a vagina” and “person with sperm.”

In conclusion, the presence of a Black Panther Party-tied clinic at a Seattle middle school, offering gender-affirming care and free gender-reassignment medications to young students, has sparked debate and raised concerns about appropriate healthcare services for children. The school district’s policies regarding gender identity and parental consent are also drawing attention and further discussion.

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