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Cornel West Criticizes Biden’s Connections to Segregationists, Acknowledges Trump’s Flaws on Racial Issues

Cornel West, the Green Party presidential candidate, has called attention to President Biden’s past relationships with segregationist Democratic senators, highlighting Biden’s praise for senators John Stennis and James O. Eastland. West also acknowledges flaws in former President Trump’s stance on racial issues and criticizes the influence of “big money” and corruption in both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Biden’s Connections to Segregationists

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West raises concerns about Biden’s associations with segregationist senators, particularly his praise for Senator Stennis and his reminiscing about working with Senator Eastland and Senator Herman Talmadge, who supported segregation. West criticizes Biden’s remark about being called “son” by Eastland, given Eastland’s use of derogatory language in the past. Senator Cory Booker rebuked Biden for making light of such comments, emphasizing the importance of not joking about racial slurs.

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Accusations of Crimes Against Humanity

West accuses Biden of “crimes against humanity” against African Americans, asserting that his policies have harmed the community. This accusation aligns with his previous statements reported by the New York Post.

Flaws in Trump and Biden’s Racial Positions

West acknowledges that both Trump and Biden have flaws regarding racial issues. He references Trump’s father’s alleged ties to the Ku Klux Klan but focuses on Trump’s own actions and rhetoric regarding Black people. West criticizes the handling of the White House cocaine incident, implying that a West administration would not receive the same expedited resolution if drugs were found.

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West’s Vision for Equality

West outlines his priorities for a West administration, emphasizing the need to abolish poverty and homelessness and provide jobs with living wages. He also highlights the importance of equal protection for all individuals, referencing the predicament of Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, while advocating for fair criticism.


Cornel West’s criticisms of Biden’s connections to segregationists and his accusation of “crimes against humanity” demonstrate his concerns about racial justice. West acknowledges flaws in both Trump and Biden’s positions on racial issues, calling attention to the influence of money and corruption in politics. As the Green Party presidential candidate, West aims to address societal inequalities and advocate for equal protection for all individuals.

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