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Corruption Scandal Leads to Major Purge in China’s Military Leadership

A recent report has unveiled serious instances of military corruption within China’s army, including missiles filled with water instead of fuel and improperly sealed silos.

Major Corruption Scandal

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The corruption scandal has resulted in the removal of over a dozen senior commanders in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), including the Chinese defense minister. This development, based on US intelligence, sheds light on the extent of graft within the PLA and its potential implications for China’s military actions.

Corruption Scandal Sparks Military Purge

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Bloomberg’s report, citing unnamed sources, discloses that the ousting of senior commanders in the PLA, initiated by President Xi Jinping, is primarily linked to significant corruption issues. The scandal has even reached the Chinese defense minister, Li Shangfu, who vanished for two months before being replaced in October.

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US Intelligence Reveals the Extent of Corruption

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US intelligence sources, as cited by Bloomberg, have uncovered severe corruption within China’s Rocket Force, a key branch responsible for overseeing the country’s nuclear weapons. This corruption is said to be so extensive that it may prompt Xi Jinping to reconsider the PLA’s readiness for major military actions.

Rocket Force’s Role in Modernization

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The Rocket Force holds a crucial position in Xi’s efforts to modernize China’s military forces rapidly. It plays a central role in China’s stance on Taiwan, as it deploys long-range missiles along its coast to exert pressure on the self-governed island.

Satellite Images Reveal Missile Silos

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In 2021, satellite images revealed China’s construction of numerous nuclear-capable missile silos in the Xinjiang desert, potentially expanding its arsenal to compete with Russia and the United States.

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Corruption’s Impact on Missile Silos

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US intelligence assessments have indicated that corruption even affected missile silos. In some instances, entire fields of silos in Western China were equipped with lids that hindered the effective launch of missiles. The report did not specify the type of missiles that were filled with water.

Undermining Modernization Efforts

Credit: RHODES,DODECANESE/GREECE – JUNE 13: President of the People Republic of China Xi Jinping visits the Old Town, on June 13, 2014 in Rhodes, Greece. — Photo by thelefty

The corruption issues identified by US intelligence are believed to have undermined Xi’s modernization policies and created doubts about the Rocket Force’s capabilities.

Xi Jinping’s Anti-Corruption Campaign

Credit: 5 JULY 2017 – BERLIN: Xi Jinping – German Chancellor’s Meeting with the Chinese State Representative, Federal Chancellery — Photo by 360ber

Xi’s purge of senior military officials has long been associated with his ongoing anti-corruption campaign. For several months, China has evaded questions regarding the mass dismissal of high-ranking army personnel.

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Key Positions Affected

Credit: Chinese military vehicles of PLA (Peoples Liberation Army) parade past the Tiananmen Rostrum during a military parade of the grand celebration for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China, in Beijing, China, Thursday, 1 O — Photo by ChinaImages

Among the commanders removed from their positions, at least three were associated with the Rocket Force, and four were responsible for equipment, as reported by Reuters.

PLA’s Vigilance Against Corruption

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In response to the corruption scandal, the PLA has emphasized the importance of vigilance against graft and highlighted its commitment to a “battle against corruption” in its New Year’s Day statement.

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