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Court Denies Florida’s Effort to Reinstate Ban on ‘Woke’ Workplace Training

A U.S. appeals court ruled on Monday against a Florida law backed by Governor Ron DeSantis, stating it violates employers’ constitutional right to free speech by banning mandatory progressive workplace diversity training.

The Court’s Decision

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The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals supported a lower court’s injunction, favoring two small businesses and a consultant who opposed the law due to its constraints on free speech.

Overview of the Stop WOKE Act

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The Stop the Wrong to Our Kids and Employees Act, enacted in 2022, prohibits training that suggests individuals are inherently racist or sexist or that people should feel guilty for past actions of their race or sex, under threat of financial penalties for employers.

Free Speech Protections Violated

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Judge Britt Grant stated the law infringes on the First Amendment by limiting discussions on state-deemed “offensive” topics, emphasizing that ideas should be debated openly rather than restricted.

The Judges’ Stance

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The panel, comprising judges Britt Grant, Andrew Brasher, and Charles Wilson, unanimously agreed that the law contradicts the Constitution’s free speech clause.

State’s Reaction to the Ruling

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The Florida Attorney General’s office, led by Republican Ashley Moody, is currently reviewing the appeals court decision.

Wider Implications of the Act

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The Stop WOKE Act represents a part of a broader legislative trend among Republican states to discourage companies from addressing social issues like diversity and climate change.

Plaintiffs’ Victory

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Businesses Honeyfund.com Inc., Primo Tampa LLC, and Whitespace Consulting filed the challenge, advocating for the freedom to conduct diversity, equity, and inclusion training.

Advocates Celebrate the Decision

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Shalini Goel Agarwal of Protect Democracy hailed the ruling as a triumph for the First Amendment and corporate freedom of expression.

Additional Legal Battles

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The law also faces challenges for its restrictions on discussions of race and sex in college classrooms, with separate provisions blocked by a lower court.

Educational Implications

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The American Civil Liberties Union’s lawsuit against the classroom discussion restrictions highlights the act’s broader impact on free speech and education.

Florida Appeals Classroom Discussion Case

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Florida has appealed the decision blocking the law’s application in educational settings to the 11th Circuit, underlining the ongoing legal contention.

Significance of the Ruling

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The court’s ruling underscores the importance of the First Amendment and the need for open debate on controversial ideas, setting a precedent for similar legislative efforts.

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