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Court Documents Uncover Iraqi Immigrant’s Plan To Assassinate Ex-President

An Ohio resident of Iraqi descent, embroiled in extremist ideologies, hatched a chilling plot to smuggle ISIS sympathizers into the United States.

The conspiracy to assassinate former President George W. Bush was unveiled through court records.

The Catalyst for Vengeance

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Shihab Ahmed Shihab Shihab’s descent into extremism is traced back to his role as an arms smuggler for al Qaeda throughout the Iraq War.

Involved in weapons transportation and the strategic placement of explosives, he nurtured a deep-seated resentment towards Bush, holding him responsible for the hardships endured by the Iraqi people.

The Assassination Plot

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The scheme devised by Shihab involved former Iraqi intelligence agents and meticulous planning.

Shihab undertook reconnaissance of Bush’s Texas residence, managing logistics for a dangerous border crossing.

An Unwitting Partner

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Unbeknownst to Shihab, his co-conspirator in the assassination plans was an informant, codenamed “CS1” in court documents. Shihab expressed a desire to actively participate in the assassination, stating he would be “proud” to sacrifice his life.

Smuggling Assassins

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Shihab orchestrated a scheme to covertly transport a minimum of seven Iraqi nationals across the U.S.-Mexican border, charging thousands of dollars per individual, to execute an assassination plot against the former president.

A Foiled Operation

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In a twist, Shihab’s supposed successful smuggling of an ISIS member was an FBI-coordinated sting operation. The methods by which Shihab was surveilled by federal law enforcement remain undisclosed.

Surveillance in Dallas

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In a recorded meeting, Shihab traveled to Dallas to survey the former president’s home, capturing video footage. However, he was dissuaded from sending these videos to the would-be assassins by the FBI’s informant.

Bush Unperturbed by Threat

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Despite the severity of the threat, former President Bush remained unfazed and confident in the protective capabilities of the U.S. Secret Service and intelligence communities.

Shihab’s Time in the US

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Shihab entered the U.S. on a visitor visa, worked various jobs, and filed for asylum in March 2021.

His application was still pending review at the time of his arrest.

A Sham Marriage Attempt

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The arrest of Shihab also revealed his efforts to secure immigration status via a fraudulent marriage, employing counterfeit divorce documents from his spouse in Iraq. 

The Culmination of a Plot

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Shihab’s arrest in May 2022 by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force marked the end of his assassination plot.

He later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 178 months in prison.

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