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Courts Should Stop Trump From Threatening Biden and Judge’s Daughter, Former Federal Prosecutor Urges

Former federal prosecutor and noted Trump critic Joyce Vance has raised concerns about the potential intimidation of witnesses and jurors in Trump’s ongoing criminal cases.

Her comments were in response to Trump’s recent social media activity, which included posting a controversial video depicting President Joe Biden hogtied, sparking widespread condemnation for its implied threat.

Vance, who previously served as the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama for nearly 8 years, highlighted the need for judicial action to ensure Trump’s behavior does not undermine the integrity of legal proceedings. 

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Credit: DepositPhotos – Ryazan, Russia – April 19, 2018 – Donald Trump, USA president twitter account on the display of tablet PC — Photo by sharafmaksumov

She also emphasized that judges can ask defendants out on bond to display appropriate conduct, suggesting that they should use this power to refrain Trump from posting such threatening messages.

The former prosecutor drew parallels between Trump’s latest post and his previous attacks on Justice Juan Merchan, his daughter, and Judge Arthur Engoron’s law clerk, Allison Greenfield. 

These incidents underscore the fear that potential witnesses and jurors might feel threatened by Trump’s actions, potentially deterring them from fulfilling their duties.

Vance argued that the judiciary must assert its role in protecting the court’s integrity and ensuring the safety of all involved parties. 

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She warned of the risks of allowing Trump to “slash and burn his way through the system,” which could intimidate jurors and witnesses, compromising their willingness to participate in the trial process.

Despite Trump’s position as a leading figure in the Republican Party, Vance called for decisive action from those in power to address his conduct. 

She insisted that while Trump is entitled to the same constitutional protections as any defendant, his rights should not extend beyond those limits.

Previously, Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung defended the post, suggesting the controversy stems from a misunderstanding of the image’s context. 

Cheung also accused Democrats of weaponizing the judicial system to target the former President.

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