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‘Cowards and Weaklings’: Trump Lashes Out at Republican House Resignations, Highlighting Party’s Fragile Majority

Former President Donald Trump has directed sharp criticism towards GOP Representatives Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin and Ken Buck of Colorado, branding them as “cowards and weaklings” following their decision to step down from Congress. 

This comes at a critical time for the Republican majority in the House, which is hanging by a thread.

In a post on Truth Social this Easter, Trump did not hold back his disdain, responding to news about Gallagher’s impending resignation, which is set for mid-April. 

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Gallagher’s departure, alongside Buck’s recent exit and other House vacancies, narrows the GOP’s majority to a precarious single seat.

These exits have fueled speculation that the Republicans might soon lose the majority in the House, and some have even started talking about replacing Speaker Mike Johnson with Democrat Hakeem Jeffries.

Gallagher, in particular, has drawn criticism from within his party. He is said to have ensured that his resignation was timed perfectly so that a special election to replace him could not take place. 

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He has essentially ensured that the seat will remain empty until January, rather than getting filled by another person.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has called for punitive measures against Gallagher for his actions, specifically for his removal from the House.

With former speaker Kevin McCarthy set to exit by the end of this month, the GOP will lose another seat in the House. 

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This will leave the GOP with a slim majority for about three weeks.

In justifying his departure, Gallagher has cited the dysfunction within the GOP and Congress at large, advocating for a return to private life after a period of public service in line with the original intentions of the country’s framers.

His and Buck’s resignations underscore the ongoing challenges and divisions within the Republican party, casting uncertainty over its legislative capabilities and future direction.

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