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Craving Connection But Struggling With Commitment: One Redditor’s Journey to Find Answers

A Reddit user, u/throwingsomeaway111, recently turned to the popular subreddit r/relationships seeking advice on a personal dilemma regarding commitment. Desperate for insight, the user questioned whether their struggle was a result of commitment issues or simply a lack of interest. 

The Exploration:

In a detailed post, u/throwingsomeaway111 shared their experience of being in several short-lived relationships and struggling to maintain a long-term commitment. The user explained that while they enjoyed the initial stages of dating, they would often lose interest or become anxious as the relationship progressed.

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Looking for Answers:

The Redditor expressed confusion and sought guidance from the subreddit’s community, wondering whether their difficulties stemmed from a genuine fear of commitment or if they simply hadn’t found the right person. Seeking explanations and possible solutions, the user hoped to gain insight from those who may have faced similar challenges.

Community Response:

The post attracted considerable attention from fellow users, as the topic resonated with many in the subreddit’s audience. Some offered personal anecdotes, offering reassurance that commitment struggles can be common and suggesting various approaches for u/throwingsomeaway111 to consider.

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Advice and Suggestions:

Numerous Redditors encouraged open and honest communication with partners, viewing it as crucial for understanding personal emotions and desires. Others recommended therapy or counseling as a means of addressing underlying commitment issues. 

Some also advised the user to reflect on their own needs and desires, questioning whether they genuinely desired a long-term relationship or simply enjoyed the excitement of new connections.

The Redditor’s Update:

In a follow-up comment, u/throwingsomeaway111 expressed gratitude for the community’s support and advice. The user revealed having pondered the feedback and concluded that they might have been rushing into relationships too quickly without fully evaluating compatibility or personal readiness. 

As a result, they decided to take a break from dating to focus on personal growth and self-reflection.


The post and ensuing discussion on r/relationships shed light on the common struggle of commitment and provided a platform for individuals to share experiences and offer guidance. 

For u/throwingsomeaway111, the insights gained from the community prompted a self-discovery journey in which they aimed to address their commitment concerns and find happiness in relationships.

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