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‘Crooked Joe off the hook’: Trump Comments on Critical Report by Biden’s Special Counsel

At a South Carolina rally, Donald Trump critiqued a report on Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents.

He emphasized the investigations into both of their cases regarding classified information.

Hur’s Ruling on Biden

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Robert Hur, the Special Counsel, concluded Biden should not be charged for retaining classified documents.

This decision starkly contrasts with the ongoing legal actions against Trump.

Doubts on Biden’s Mental State

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The special counsel’s findings have reignited discussions about Biden’s mental acuity.

Concerns have been raised due to his age and documented memory lapses.

Instances of Forgetfulness

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The report highlighted Biden’s memory issues, including forgetting significant dates.

Such lapses have fueled debate over his capability for the presidency.

Trump’s Rally Speech

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Trump addressed the rally crowd, criticizing the Justice Department for not charging Biden.

He labeled the situation as evidence of a biased, two-tiered justice system.

Document Mismanagement Accusations

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Trump accused Biden of mishandling classified documents, framing it as part of broader misconduct.

He argued that Biden’s actions received unjustly lenient treatment.

Calls for Judicial Equity

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During his speech, Trump demanded equal treatment in the justice system.

He argued that the cases against him should be reconsidered for fairness.

Fitness for Presidency Questioned

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Trump suggested Biden’s mental fitness for office is questionable if he’s deemed unfit for trial.

This raised concerns about Biden’s suitability as commander-in-chief.

The 25th Amendment Proposal

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Some GOP members have proposed using the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office.

This action would elevate Vice President Kamala Harris to the presidency.

Foreign Aid Reform Proposal

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Trump advocated for transforming U.S. foreign aid into loans with conditions.

He argued this approach would ensure reciprocity and accountability.

Policy Victory Celebration

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Trump boasted about blocking a foreign security package in the Senate.

He tied this victory to his broader foreign policy objectives.

Dominating South Carolina’s Polls

Credit: Depositphotos

Trump significantly leads Nikki Haley in South Carolina’s primary race.

This demonstrates his strong influence within the Republican Party.

Haley’s Polling Challenges

Credits: DepositPhotos

Despite her efforts, Haley remains far behind Trump in the polls.

Her struggle reflects Trump’s dominant position in the primary.

Rally Focus

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Trump’s rally speech targeted Biden’s document case and the perceived injustice in their legal treatment.

He used the platform to rally support and outline his policy vision.

Primary Election Anticipation

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With the South Carolina primary approaching, Trump’s significant lead sets the stage.

His position and policies are crucial for his campaign momentum.

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Credit: NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 07: Former Vice President Joe Biden gives a speech at the GILT and Ashley Biden celebration of the launch of exclusive Livelihood Collection at Spring Place — Photo by SharpShooter