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Cross-dressing ‘Sticky Note Bandit’ Continues Bank Robbery Spree in Texas

Intriguing Criminal Tactics

In what seems to be an almost Hollywood-like narrative, Houston, Texas has found itself the backdrop to a bank robbery spree with an eccentric twist. A perpetrator, who has become known as the “Sticky Note Bandit,” has been robbing local banks while cross-dressing as a woman.

The suspect’s choice of disguise and the characteristic modus operandi of using sticky notes to deliver threats and demands have added an unusual dimension to the crimes. 

Incidents and Pattern

The moniker “Sticky Note Bandit” stems from the suspect’s distinctive method of passing threatening notes to the bank tellers to demand money. This method has been consistently used throughout the series of robberies and has helped the FBI’s Violent Crime Task Force link the incidents.

The suspect has reportedly committed four robberies in less than two weeks, raising concerns among the authorities and locals.

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The FBI has described the suspect as a 5-foot-8-inch Black man with a “thin to medium build.” Details regarding his appearance, along with his cross-dressing habit, have been released to aid in his identification and capture. 

Credits: DepositPhotos

Recent Attempted Robbery

The latest incident involved an attempted robbery at a Bank of America branch on San Felipe Street, as announced by FBI Houston via Twitter. However, unlike previous heists, the bandit failed to secure any cash in this attempt.

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During the failed July 11th robbery, the bank teller reportedly retreated and locked themselves in a backroom for safety, effectively thwarting the robbery. The suspect left unattended in the bank lobby, soon left the premises empty-handed. Despite the setback, he returned to his criminal activities just two days later, striking another bank on July 13th.

Community Involvement and Rewards

As the hunt for the ‘Sticky Note Bandit’ intensifies, the FBI and local law enforcement agencies are reaching out to the community for help. Photographs of the suspect from security footage have been shared on FBI Houston’s social media channels to broaden the search.

The community’s involvement is being further incentivized by Crime Stoppers of Houston, which is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for any information that leads to the identification and arrest of the suspect. 

Criminal psychology suggests that the bandit’s unique modus operandi may hint at a desire for notoriety or may be a ploy to distract from his true identity. It is also worth noting that while the cross-dressing element of this case has garnered attention, it’s important to maintain focus on the serious criminal acts at the center of the investigation.

In summary, the chase for the ‘Sticky Note Bandit’ reflects not just a bid to uphold law and order but also an insight into the atypical methods criminals sometimes employ. It underlines the importance of community involvement and showcases the adaptability and vigilance required of law enforcement in responding to unusual criminal tactics.

As the search continues, it is hoped that the public’s assistance will lead to the eventual capture of this audacious robber.

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