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Cruise Line Apologizes for Distressing Whale Hunt Slaughter

Shock and Distress: Luxury Cruise Passengers Traumatized by Gruesome Whale Hunt

Passengers aboard a luxury cruise were left deeply disturbed as they witnessed a brutal whale hunt near the Faroe Islands. Locals carried out the hunt, resulting in the death of 78 pilot whales—a species belonging to the dolphin family. Ambassador Cruise Line issued a heartfelt apology to its customers and expressed condemnation for the hunt.

A Commitment to Conservation: Cruise Line’s Apology and Sustainability Efforts

Ambassador Cruise Line strongly opposed the outdated practice of the whale hunt and expressed its longstanding partnership with ORCA, a charity dedicated to studying and protecting whales, dolphins, and porpoises. The cruise line emphasized its core value of sustainability and sincerely apologized to all the passengers who witnessed the distressing event.

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Protecting Marine Life: CEO’s Pledge and Efforts to Educate Guests

Credit: DepositPhotos

Christian Verhounig, CEO of Ambassador Cruise Line, reiterated the company’s commitment to the protection of whales and dolphins. He highlighted the cruise line’s efforts to educate both guests and crew members about the importance of refraining from purchasing or consuming whale or dolphin meat, thus discouraging support for the global commercial whaling industry.

Grindadráp: A Controversial Tradition Marred by Violence and Cruelty

The hunt, known as grindadráp or “the grind,” involves herding whale pods to shallow water locations, where hunters await to kill them using knives and hooks. This tradition occurs regularly throughout the year near the Faroe Islands. Recent data revealed that in one hunt alone, residents had killed 1,423 dolphins, prompting limited restrictions on that specific breed. The shocking discrepancy between the initial estimate and the actual number of dolphins killed caused outrage and condemnation.

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Plea for Action: Calls to EU and UK to Address the Unacceptable Whale Hunt

Blue Planet Society, a group dedicated to marine conservation, has been tracking the Faroe Islands’ hunt and the overall number of killings. Following the recent incident, the total number of killings in 2023 reached 650, prompting a plea to the European Union and the United Kingdom to take a firm stance against this inhumane practice and show their disapproval of such torture inflicted upon marine life.

Sustainable Claims: Faroese Government’s Defense and Regulation of the Hunt

The Faroese government asserts that the hunt is sustainable, emphasizing the requirement for hunters to hold licenses and adhere to designated hunting areas. They state that the population of whales in the region is approximately 778,000, with only a fraction of around 100,000 approaching the Faroe Islands each year. The government insists that the hunt is conducted in a way that minimizes suffering, emphasizing the longstanding regulation and traditional community-based sharing of the whale meat and blubber.

Let us express our outrage at the distressing whale hunt and the need for stricter measures to protect these magnificent creatures. Share your thoughts on how we can collectively support efforts to preserve marine life and condemn acts of cruelty towards whales and dolphins.

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