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CVS Store In Washington D.C. Forced To Close Amid Ongoing Theft

A CVS store in Washington D.C. is set to close its doors as a result of persistent thefts that have left its shelves bare.

Rampant Theft Forces Cvs Closure

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The CVS pharmacy located in Washington D.C.’s Columbia Heights neighborhood is scheduled to close on February 29, following months of theft and vandalism.

Videos Showing Ransacking Of Shelves

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The problem became apparent in October 2023 when videos surfaced showing empty shelves throughout the store, a consequence of recurring theft incidents.

Impact On Shoppers

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The continuous theft has driven away customers, who have resorted to shopping at other CVS locations for their necessities.

Makes Me Not Want To Shop There

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Ilana Miller, a CVS customer, expressed her frustration to CBS, stating, “It makes me not want to shop there to be honest. I just go in there and get my prescription, and then when I need other things, I go elsewhere because there’s nothing there to get.”

Sophisticated Thieves Target The Store

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CVS employees have alleged that the teenage thieves responsible for these thefts seem to be well-informed about the store’s operations. They reportedly know when new shipments arrive and when it’s most advantageous to strike.

Street Vendors Profiting From Stolen Goods

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According to Fox 5 reports, “street vendors are allegedly paying people to go in and steal stuff so they can resell it.” The station observed street vendors selling items that were once stocked on the now-empty CVS shelves.

Household Items Stolen

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These items include toothbrushes, men’s and women’s body wash, car fresheners, as well as laundry and cleaning supplies, all available for sale just steps away from the CVS.

Rise In Robbery Reports

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On a year-to-date basis, robbery reports have surged by 68% in 2023 compared to 2022.

Property Crimes Declining

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Although property crime instances in 2024 are slightly lower than the same period in 2023, with 1,395 incidents versus 1,615, the data from the Metropolitan Police Department shows a concerning 3,470 reported robberies in 2023.

Response From Authorities

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As the situation escalates, the closure of the Columbia Heights store underscores the broader issue of rising crime rates and its impact on local businesses and communities.

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