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Dating A Functional Alcoholic: One User’s Troubling Relationship Sparks Reddit’s Advice-seeking Frenzy

In a recently posted thread on the popular subreddit r/relationships, a user sought advice about their relationship with a functional alcoholic. The anonymous individual painted a troubling picture of their partner’s excessive drinking habits, raising concerns about the future of their relationship. The emotional and psychological toll inflicted upon the poster prompted them to seek guidance from the wider Reddit community.

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The post begins with the user explaining that they have been dating their partner for over a year and have noticed a recurring pattern of problematic drinking behavior. While their partner appears to function relatively normally in day-to-day life, their alcohol consumption is alarming and raises doubts about the sustainability of their relationship.

Descriptive Account of the Alcoholic Behavior

The user describes their partner’s excessive alcohol consumption, emphasizing their constant need to have a drink in their hand, even during seemingly mundane activities like grocery shopping or going for a walk. Furthermore, the poster reveals that their significant other frequently consumes alcohol to the point of blacking out, often awakening with little recollection of the prior night’s events.

Impact on the Relationship

The emotional toll on the individual posting becomes increasingly evident. They express their frustration and feelings of helplessness as they become the sole caretaker responsible for ensuring their partner’s well-being, recounting times when they had to bring their partner home safely after they had passed out in public places.

Seeking Help and Advice

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the poster expresses concern for their partner’s health and acknowledges their own inability to influence their partner’s behavior. Desperate for answers, support, and advice, they reach out to the Reddit community for guidance on how to navigate this tumultuous relationship.

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Responses from the Reddit Community

The thread quickly garners attention and numerous Redditors respond with a mix of empathy, personal experiences, and helpful advice. Many implore the OP to prioritize their own safety and well-being, while urging them to consider ending the relationship if their partner refuses to seek help for their addiction.

Recommendations and Resources

Among the responses, some Redditors encourage the poster to urge their partner to seek professional help or attend support group meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Others recommend the poster engage in therapy or seek counseling for themselves to better understand codependency and establish healthy boundaries.


The distressing story shared on Reddit highlights the complex dynamics often present in relationships involving functional alcoholics. While anonymous online advice cannot replace professional intervention, the supportive community can provide solace and a starting point for individuals seeking guidance during tumultuous times. It is essential for those facing similar situations to prioritize their own mental and emotional well-being while encouraging their partners to address their alcohol addiction through appropriate channels.

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