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Deal reached to release hostages held by Hamas following deadly attack

A groundbreaking agreement has been reached to secure the release of hostages who were kidnapped during a terrorist attack by Hamas in Israel last month. This marks a significant diplomatic breakthrough since October 7th.

Qatar, in collaboration with the U.S. and Egypt, brokered the deal, which entails the release of 50 women and children who have been held captive for over a month. In return, Israeli-held Palestinian women and children will be exchanged for the hostages.

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The first group of hostages to be released is expected to include two American adults and a 3-year-old girl named Abigail, according to a senior Biden administration official. The hostage-prisoner exchanges will occur over a four-day pause in fighting, during which more fuel trucks and humanitarian aid will be allowed to enter Gaza.

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As part of the agreement, Israeli drone flights over Gaza will be temporarily suspended for up to six hours a day to facilitate the release of the remaining hostages held by Hamas and other militant groups like Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The deal also allows for the extension of the cease-fire for additional days in return for the release of 10 hostages per day.

The Red Cross is expected to gain access to the hostages remaining in Gaza to provide them with necessary medical assistance, according to an Israeli official familiar with the proposed deal. The Israeli government has already approved the agreement, which was described as the result of extensive efforts by Qatar and international partners to reduce tensions and protect innocent civilians from further harm.

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President Joe Biden played a direct role in the negotiations and received regular updates on the progress. He expressed his satisfaction with the agreement, acknowledging the resilience of the hostages and their families who endured weeks of captivity and trauma.

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However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized that the war with Hamas is not over and that they will continue fighting until all their goals are achieved. The hostage crisis has been a major focal point of the conflict, which has resulted in significant loss of life and widespread devastation across the Gaza Strip over the past six weeks.

The deal, however, is subject to appeal by the families of victims within 24 hours, as mandated by Israeli law. Although four hostages have been released thus far, the deal offers hope for the release of more captives if it proceeds successfully and the cease-fire holds.

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The negotiations took place in Qatar, with the mediation of the U.S. and Egypt. Meanwhile, the Gaza Strip has experienced relentless fighting and airstrikes, causing displacement for over 1.6 million people and a death toll exceeding 13,000.

World leaders, aid agencies, and demonstrators have been calling for a humanitarian pause in the fighting, and both sides have been working behind the scenes to achieve this. Hamas expressed its readiness to agree to a truce, with Qatar confirming the delivery of a proposal to the Israeli side.

Despite international pressure, Netanyahu was adamant about not agreeing to a cease-fire without the release of the hostages. Israel did, however, agree to four-hour pauses in the fighting earlier in November for the delivery of humanitarian aid.

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