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Debunking the ‘Amnesty’ Accusations Surrounding The Senate’s Immigration Deal

The recent Senate immigration deal has sparked a flurry of false claims from Donald Trump and his allies, who suggested that the bill would allow 5,000 undocumented immigrants to enter the country daily.

Lankford’s Prescience

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As the actual text of the deal emerged, lead GOP negotiator Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) anticipated this response and predicted that rather than apologizing for their inaccuracies, critics would find new ways to oppose the bill.

But despite the bill’s content not supporting the claims made by Trump’s allies, they have escalated their rhetoric, with some wrongly branding it as “amnesty.”

Republican Backlash

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The immediate backlash from congressional Republicans on Sunday night showcased their determination to thwart the bill’s progress, despite it being crafted with conservative elements.

Amnesty Accusations

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“Amnesty” became the buzzword on Sunday night, used by numerous House Republicans and some GOP senators to denounce the bill.

Borders Erased

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Rep. Mary E. Miller (R-Ill.) claimed that the “Senate AMNESTY bill erases our borders,” while Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) even suggested that supporters of the bill might be influenced by foreign interests.

Misunderstanding the Bill

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The core argument against the bill centers on the belief that it allows 5,000 illegal immigrants per day into the country.

This is a misinterpretation.

Stringent Process Post 5000 Apprehensions

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The bill only triggers a stringent process once there is a daily average of 5,000 border apprehensions in a week.

At this point, new asylum claims from those apprehended would not be considered, and border crossers would be removed.

Existing Asylum Process

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Under current laws, individuals apprehended at the border must undergo a process once they reach U.S. soil.

If they claim asylum, their case must be evaluated, and immediate deportation is not an option.

Very Few Actually Get Asylum

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However, data from the Justice Department indicates that in the past six years, fewer than 15% of those who claimed asylum were granted it.

Reforms in the Bill

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The Senate bill seeks to expedite and toughen the asylum process.

It raises the standard for demonstrating a “credible fear” of persecution in one’s home country and requires proof that relocation within their home country is not possible.

Accelerating Case Decisions

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The aim is to accelerate case decisions from years to months, partly by empowering U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to make rulings instead of the backlog-ridden federal immigration courts.

Overextension of ‘Amnesty’ Label

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The use of the term “amnesty” in debates over immigration reform is not new, but in this case, it has been stretched to the extreme.

While one could argue that the Senate bill does not go far enough in addressing asylum system abuses, the primary misconception is that it somehow benefits illegal border crossers.

Political Maneuvering

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The speed with which critics labeled the bill as amnesty suggests that some Republicans regret their request for immigration law changes in exchange for aid to Ukraine.

They have long called for stricter asylum rules, even during the Biden administration.

Shifting Stance

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However, when it appeared that Lankford and the Senate were ready to deliver on those demands, opponents shifted their stance.

The sudden shift indicates that they now claim no new immigration laws are needed, only the enforcement of existing ones.

An Opportunity?

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In the words of Sen. James Lankford, the key question for Republicans is whether they will continue to criticize the border’s state and leave it intentionally open, despite having the opportunity to address immigration reform through the Senate bill.

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