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Dem Stacey Plaskett Defends Censorship: ‘Free Speech Is Not an Absolute’

Delegate Stacey Plaskett, a Democrat from the Virgin Islands, recently defended the idea of censorship, arguing that certain views should not enjoy the full protection of free speech as outlined in the First Amendment. Plaskett claimed that the Supreme Court has placed limitations on free speech and criticized the alleged views of Democratic Party presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy as hateful.

Challenging the Notion of Absolute Free Speech

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Plaskett asserted that free speech is not an absolute right and cited the Supreme Court’s position on the matter. While the Court has not restricted the content of speech, it has recognized exceptions related to the time, place, and manner of expression.

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Controversial Views and Selecting Witnesses

Plaskett accused Republicans of inviting Kennedy to testify not because he had been censored on social media, but to align themselves with his controversial views. She also raised concerns about death threats targeting past witnesses, such as Nina Jancowicz, and insinuated that committee chair Rep. Jim Jordan supported such threats.

Questioning Republicans’ Motives

According to Plaskett, Republicans’ focus on social media companies and their desire to promote conspiracy theories stem from their belief that it is the only way their candidate can win elections. She criticized Republicans for not prioritizing the defense of free speech and suggested that Congress should address pressing issues like inflation instead.

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Kennedy’s Defense of Free Speech

Robert F. Kennedy, responding to Plaskett’s remarks, used his opening statement to defend his own record and highlight instances where he had faced censorship for discussing ordinary subjects. He emphasized that the purpose of free speech is to protect all forms of expression, including those that may be disagreed with by some.


Stacey Plaskett’s defense of censorship and her assertion that free speech is not absolute has sparked a debate over the boundaries and limitations of the First Amendment. While Plaskett argues that certain views should not enjoy full protection, critics emphasize the importance of protecting all forms of speech, even those that may be controversial or unpopular. The clash of opinions highlights the ongoing tension surrounding free speech rights in the United States.

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