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Democratic Strategists Defend Biden’s ‘No Comment’ on Hawaii Fire

Democratic strategists James Carville and Leslie Marshall have come to the defense of President Biden after he responded “no comment” to a question about the Hawaiian wildfire’s death toll. They believe that Biden’s response was either due to a lack of proper briefing or a desire to avoid providing incorrect information.

Carville suggested that Biden might not have been “factually comfortable enough” to comment on the situation at that moment and preferred not to say something incorrect. He emphasized that it’s sometimes better to say nothing than to say something wrong.

Marshall, on the other hand, argued that Biden’s character and his personal experiences—such as the loss of family members—indicate that he is not a cold person. She suggested that Biden’s response could have been influenced by the fluidity of the situation and his desire not to speak out improperly.

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Both strategists highlighted that Biden’s response wouldn’t likely impact his chances of re-election, particularly in a deep-blue state like Hawaii. They expressed confidence that people wouldn’t base their votes solely on this instance.

The wildfire in Hawaii has claimed a significant number of lives, and Biden has expressed plans to visit the state to show support while ensuring his presence doesn’t interfere with recovery efforts.

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