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Democrats Demonstrate Control of Cities During Visits, Highlighting Need for Permanent Solutions

During a recent episode of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher discussed the clean-up efforts in San Francisco prior to a visit from Chinese President Xi Jinping. Maher suggested that the actions taken by the city’s government to clean up the streets were a demonstration that Democrats have the ability to control cities. However, Maher also pointed out that these efforts were only implemented when important figures like Xi visited, implying that such actions were motivated by the desire to hide the issues faced by cities from influential individuals.

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Maher went on to discuss why he believes President Trump continues to gain popularity, not only within his own party but also beating his opponent, Joe Biden. Maher attributed Trump’s success to his rhetoric about addressing problems that resonate with many Americans, such as the need to address mental health issues and the state of the country’s cities.

Maher acknowledged that Trump’s proposed solutions, such as reopening mental hospitals or putting people in camps, may not be the most ideal or ethical approaches, but he argued that they highlight the perception of cities being out of control.

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Credit: DepositPhotos

Maher’s main point was that the temporary clean-up efforts in San Francisco showcased the Democrats’ ability to address issues when necessary, but they need to focus on finding permanent solutions to the problems faced by cities. Instead of only taking action during visits from important figures, Maher called on Democrats to work towards consistently improving and controlling cities to better serve their residents.

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