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Democrats in Maryland Divided over Pro-Migration Group’s Support for Hamas War

A recent tweet from the pro-migration group Casa de Maryland, expressing support for Hamas in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, has caused a major split among pro-migration Democrats in Maryland. The group, which receives a significant amount of funding from various levels of government, is facing intense scrutiny for its tactics and priorities.

A statement released by nine senators from Montgomery County, where Casa de Maryland is based, warned that the organization’s state funding could be at risk. Casa de Maryland’s tweet, posted on November 6, used woke-style language to blame Israel for Hamas’s violent actions against Jews.

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The tweet suggested that the struggle of the Palestinians mirrors that of Casa de Maryland’s members fleeing countries damaged by US intervention. The tweet also featured a picture of Casa de Maryland’s director, Gustavo Torres, at a pro-Hamas demonstration wearing a blue mask and making a clenched fist gesture.

Casa de Maryland has been gradually shifting its focus towards woke language and themes in recent years, replacing the traditional solidarity-themed politics of the Democratic Party. The older politics of solidarity embraced a meritocratic elite that promoted prosperity for the middle and working classes in exchange for their support.

However, this civic bargain was abandoned in the 1990s in favor of a top-down approach that prioritized affirmative action, diversity, and mass migration. This switch has caused growing resentment among left-leaning individuals who feel they are not benefiting from these policies.

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The recent conflict between Israel and Hamas has unexpectedly aligned left-wing activists, including many young progressives, with foreign students, racial and ethnic minorities, and pro-migration movements. This shared cause and common language have caught many comfortable progressives off guard, as they expected these groups to accept their meritocratic leadership without question.

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The split between Casa de Maryland and pro-migration Democrats has been particularly painful for the Jewish community within the party. Many Jewish politicians and supporters have expressed their disappointment and hurt over Casa de Maryland’s support for Hamas, with some calling for the organization to be held accountable.

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Casa de Maryland’s funding and support have been significantly affected by the fallout from its pro-Hamas stance. Many donors and charitable organizations have distanced themselves from the group, and there is a growing number of Democrats outside of Maryland reevaluating their support for diversity and migration policies that have contributed to rising antisemitism.

Despite the backlash, there is no indication that pro-migration Democrats in Maryland are willing to abandon Casa de Maryland or its agenda of importing more migrants into the state. This divide between the party’s establishment and its Jewish supporters raises important questions about the future of the Democratic Party and its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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