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Denver Grapples with Surge in Migrant Arrivals, Calls for Federal Assistance

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston has labeled Denver as “ground zero” for America’s migrant crisis due to the city’s substantial influx of migrants. He emphasized the urgent need for more resources, work authorization, and a coordinated plan to distribute migrants across various US cities.

Denver’s Migrant Crisis: A Growing Challenge

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Denver Mayor Mike Johnston highlighted the city’s status as the largest recipient of migrants per capita in the United States.

“Gruond Zero”

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With more than two times the number of migrants compared to the next city, Denver faces significant challenges in integrating these newcomers.

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Overwhelming Influx

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Denver has received over a hundred buses of migrants in the past month alone, totaling more than 35,000 migrants over the past year. This surge in arrivals poses substantial challenges for the city’s resources and services.

The Need for Comprehensive Solutions

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Mayor Johnston underscored the pressing need for comprehensive solutions to address Denver’s migrant crisis. He emphasized the importance of work authorization, increased resources, and the implementation of a coordinated entry plan.

Parallel with Asylee Arrivals

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The Denver mayor drew parallels with the coordinated entry of asylees from Afghanistan or Ukraine. He emphasized on the need for a similar approach to manage the migrant influx effectively.

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Call for Federal Support

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Johnston urged the federal government to take action in addressing the challenges faced by Denver and other cities dealing with a high number of migrants. He stressed the need for federal assistance to manage the situation effectively.

Challenges Faced by Border and Inland Cities

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Highlighting the limitations of the current system, Mayor Johnston explained that the existing approach does not adequately serve cities both on the border and in the inland regions. He advocated for a more flexible and responsive system.

Seeking a Coordinated Entry Plan

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One of the key solutions proposed by Mayor Johnston is the establishment of a coordinated entry plan that would facilitate the distribution of migrants to different cities across the country.

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Managing the Arrival of Asylum Seekers

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While acknowledging the challenges, Johnston believes there is a way to effectively manage the coordinated entry of asylum seekers. However, he emphasizes that the current system does not cater to the unique needs of border and inland cities.

A Plea for Support

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Denver’s mayor concluded by reiterating the urgent need for resources, work authorization, and a coordinated approach to address the ongoing migrant crisis. He called on the federal government to provide the necessary support to ensure successful integration and distribution of migrants across the United States.

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