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DeSantis Backs Stronger Immigration Bill, Trump Supports Weaker Version

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During an interview on a television network, Rep. Chip Roy showed his support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the 2024 Republican presidential campaign. Roy highlighted DeSantis’ stance on immigration, specifically regarding the Goodlatte bills.

In 2018, when DeSantis was a member of Congress, he supported the Goodlatte one bill, which was favored by conservatives. On the other hand, former President Donald Trump tweeted his support for the Goodlatte two bill, which was seen as a compromise and criticized for its amnesty provisions.

Roy argued that if Congress had followed DeSantis’ approach and passed the Goodlatte one bill, it would have resulted in stronger immigration laws. These laws could have pressured President Joe Biden into taking action on the border situation.

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Roy praised Trump for his efforts to address the broken system and his work with individuals like Mark Morgan and Tom Homan. However, he believes that DeSantis is the right candidate for the 2024 election, citing his track record in securing the border and his commitment to fighting for stronger immigration policies.

Roy also mentioned DeSantis’ actions as governor, such as sending troops to the border to assist Texas and passing laws in Florida to address migrant issues. These actions include removing migrants who break the law and ensuring they are held accountable by being put in jail.

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Overall, Roy expressed his belief that DeSantis is the best choice for the GOP nomination in 2024, emphasizing his position on immigration and the potential impact it could have had if followed years earlier.

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