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DeSantis defends his decision to run in 2024 rather than wait until 2028

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently sat down for an interview with conservative commentator Tomi Lahren, where he firmly rejected the notion that anyone is entitled to a ‘turn’ at running for president.

Lahren specifically asked DeSantis about his supporters, who believe he should wait until 2028 for his chance.

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Why DeSantis chose to run in 2024?

Despite trailing behind former President Donald Trump in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, DeSantis remained resolute in his decision to run in 2024.

DeSantis emphasized, “First of all, in America, we don’t have ‘turns,’” DeSantis said, adding, “People can run if they believe they have something to offer the country.

‘2024 is make or break’ – DeSantis

“I can tell you as somebody that’s worn the country’s uniform, who served in Iraq, who believes in a cause greater than myself, I believe 2024 is make or break,” DeSantis said.

He drew from his own experiences, including serving in Iraq, and declared that 2024 is a critical time for the nation.

DeSantis asserted that there is no room for excuses stating, “I don’t think we have time for excuses. We’re not going to get a mulligan on this one,” he said, referring to a term in golf in which a golfer gets to take a shot over without penalty.

DeSantis confident he will defeat all Democrat challengers

He also expressed his belief that the upcoming election is pivotal and shouldn’t be taken lightly. He stressed his ability to defeat Democrats on various fronts.  

Not only by winning Florida with a historic margin but also by tackling critical issues such as lockdowns, education, ESG, illegal immigration, and transgender athletes competing in women’s sports.

DeSantis references his track record

DeSantis emphasized that actions speak louder than words, highlighting his track record of delivering results. He affirmed his intention to run for president and reiterated confidence in his ability to defeat President Biden.

However, he placed even greater significance on following through and delivering on his promises. Failure to do so, he warned, could leave the country in a challenging position.

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DeSantis faces uphill battle against Trump

Credit: DepositPhotos

Political analysts weighed in on DeSantis’s decision to run in 2024. Craig Agranoff characterized it as a bold move, recognizing the governor’s uphill battle against Trump. The former president remains immensely popular within the Republican Party despite recent legal issues.

Additionally, Agranoff noted that DeSantis perceives 2024 as a make-or-break moment for the country and is willing to embrace the challenge.

Robert Collins, a professor at Dillard University, pointed out that candidates often feel pressured to act swiftly, fearing that the window of opportunity may close and voter attention will shift elsewhere.

Is DeSantis betting on a criminal conviction of Trump?

While DeSantis is young enough to wait for a future cycle, Collins speculated that the governor is betting on the possibility of a criminal conviction to remove Trump from the race.

It remains uncertain what the future holds, but DeSantis has made a calculated short-term risk for now.

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DeSantis’s decision to enter the 2024 race has sparked interest and speculation. The battle between him and Trump promises to be captivating, with Trump currently leading in polls.

As political dynamics evolve, the outcome of this race remains uncertain, making it an intriguing contest to watch.


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