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DeSantis Leaves Door Open for Trump Pardon if Elected: Speculation Runs Wild!

A New Presidential Campaign Begins

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has formally announced his presidential campaign. This comes amidst a complex political landscape.

A Potential Pardon for Trump and January 6 Rioters

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DeSantis has indicated that he might consider pardoning former President Donald Trump and January 6 rioters. This statement was made during a radio appearance.

Examining the Cases of January 6 Defendants

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DeSantis was asked whether he thought the cases of January 6 defendants deserve to be examined by a Republican president. He did not rule out this possibility.

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The Possibility of Pardoning Trump

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DeSantis was also asked about the possibility of pardoning Trump if he faces federal charges. He stated that he would consider this based on the evidence that might emerge.

The ‘Weaponized’ FBI and DOJ

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DeSantis spoke about a ‘weaponized’ FBI and Justice Department. He expressed concern about the treatment of certain individuals by these institutions.

Reviewing Cases Individually

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DeSantis stated that he would review individuals on a ‘case by case basis’. He pledged to deal with people who have been ‘treated disfavorably’.

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Trump Mocks DeSantis

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Trump ridiculed DeSantis after his campaign launch, calling him ‘disloyal’ and mocking his campaign as a ‘disaster’.

Stewart Rhodes’ Prison Sentence

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DeSantis commented on the 18-year prison sentence given to far-right Oath Keepers militant leader Stewart Rhodes. This sentence was discussed during the radio appearance.

Review Begins on ‘Day One’

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DeSantis promised to begin his review of cases on ‘Day One’ of his presidency. He criticized the government’s selective prosecution.

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The Power to Pardon

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DeSantis discussed the power to pardon and his intention to use it. He stated that he would be aggressive in issuing pardons.

Criticism of Uneven Application of Justice

DeSantis criticized the uneven application of justice. He claimed that people from Black Lives Matter ‘don’t get prosecuted at all’.

Scope of Potential Pardons

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DeSantis confirmed that a Trump pardon specifically was on the table. He stated that any example of disfavored treatment based on politics or weaponization would be included in his review.

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Presidential Pardon Precedents

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DeSantis referred to previous presidents who used the pardon power late in their terms. He mentioned Bill Clinton and Trump as examples.

The Hypothetical Trump Pardon

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The issue of a Trump pardon could confront a future president. Trump faces potential indictments related to January 6th and other matters.

Trump’s Legal Troubles in New York

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Trump recently faced a legal setback in New York. He was found liable of sexually abusing E. Jean Carroll decades ago.

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Trump’s Response to Charges

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No federal charges have been filed against Trump so far. He denies any wrongdoing and refers to the investigations as a ‘witch hunt’.

A Complex Political Landscape

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As DeSantis begins his presidential campaign, the political landscape is fraught with complexities. The potential pardons and the treatment of January 6 defendants are likely to be key issues in the coming months.


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